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02.22.2004 - 12:54 p.m.


Oh, it's just a heartbreakingly beautiful Northwest day today, all clean scrubbed blue sky and buttery sunshine and snowy white mountains. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. My yard is starting to perk up and spring flowers are sort of tentatively making their appearance - fragile little crocuses that are no doubt going to get smashed flat with rain this week.

JB had to leave for the airport today for another China trip, and he looked downright pitiful as the towncar pulled up. "But it's SUNNY," he whined. "I don't want to sit on a PLANE." You'll get caviar, I told him. Champagne even! "Bah," he said succinctly, staring out at the window, before kissing me goodbye.

He leaves a vacuum in his wake, the house is too quiet and the clocks are too loud. It's a beautiful day, and I wish we were enjoying it together.


I'll have you know I had a wonderful 30th birthday, and thank you so much for your nice comments.

You guys, my table NEVER looks this nice. It's normally covered with, like, a jillion newspapers. Also, crumbs. And dog hair.

Q. Can a household have too many dragonfly decorations? A. Of course not.
How cute are my mom and her boyfriend?

Look at me. What is up with the goony half-lidded expression? Why, it must be the SHEER JOY OF AGING!

We had an marvelous dinner and there was lots of laughing and talking and it was almost enough to make me look forward to turning 31.


So, JB gave me an iPod! It rules very, very much, but unfortunately my computer went tits up when I installed the iTunes software. We spent much of yesterday wrestling with it, re-installing things, performing system restores, and loudly referring to it as That Fucking Hunk Of Shit, but the best I can do at this point is copy two songs at a time onto the iPod before iTunes does something weird and the entire system freezes. That's what I get for having an old-ass Gateway with 9328402381450 things installed on it I don't need.

If I can't get my PC figured out, I can always copy songs on my lovely lovely G4 at work, which has never given me a problem, ever. I don't think I've ever even had to restart that bad boy. Unlike Mr. Crashy Von Crasherton that's right I'm looking at YOU you boring beige dinosaur.

Despite my software struggles, I did finally manage to get some songs loaded and man oh man I am digging the iPod. I danced around the living room, putting on my own little retarded, no-rhythm Apple ad. I also made my first iTunes purchase: Haunted When The Minutes Drag, and it is so incredibly awesome to listen to that song on earphones and sway around with all the music happening, like, inside your head.

Maybe that's how I'll spend my day - wiggling around the house with white cords dangling from my ears, looking like a massive tool. That way I can't hear those loud-ass clocks.


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