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02.15.2004 - 12:11 p.m.


The theme of my weekend thus far: booze and uncooked seafood. Let the alcohol stave off the Anisakis simplex, I say!

Friday we hung out at our favorite sushi joint with a couple of friends and their impossibly cute 6-year-old, who not only asked sweetly at one point if he could sit on my lap (my lap!) but also requested that we come over to his house after dinner because he had Battle Bots and also there was, he thought, two beers in the fridge.

After plowing our merry way through sake and dynamite rolls, we did end up having a nightcap (JB: port, me: one of the two beers) at their house where in order to demonstrate the clarity of their HDTV television, they played the start of, oh my, Pirates of the Caribbean, apparently a favorite of the 6-year-old's. I'm afraid I may have embarrassed JB with my reaction to, for example, that first shot of Captain Jack Sparrow. It's possible I also may have been a touch too defensive when the mother of the 6-year-old, up until that moment a perfectly charming and intelligent woman, expressed severe distaste at Johnny Depp's pirate appearance ("he's so GROSS!"). Note to self: do not watch that movie with non-pirate-fanciers (hereby referred to as The Great Unwashed).

Last night we had a late dinner at the Yarrow Bay Grill. We ordered oysters on the half shell as appetizers (JB possibly hoping the evening's culmination would not include me, say, sleepily shredding off my pantyhose, announcing that I was really really full, and staggering off to bed), and we blinked in tandem as the waiter reeled off the sort of sumptuous, adjective-laden description you expect to be associated with an overly hyped bottle of wine ("..blah blah blah briny finish, rich top note,"). They were good, but…you know, they're oysters.

I had the seared ahi for dinner, and I cannot possibly explain why placing slab after slab of warm, red, raw flesh in my mouth and chewing tenderly would feel anything other than disgustingly cannibalistic, but seriously, yum. I also had a glass of Chardonnay the size of my head, which consumed after two enormous dirrrty gin martinis (it's salty, and boozy, and comes with olives - the perfect drink!) left me smiling owlishly at JB and bobbing my head to some upbeat internal musical score.

Unfortunately, today I'm sporting an aching head and a mouth that tastes like a large raccoon crawled in and died, but I'm sure that's nothing 15 or 16 Aleves won't eventually take care of. Some dinners are just worth the aftermath, you know?


I'm overflowing with new material possessions lately - I received an early birthday gift from JB's parents, who sent me a Lost In Translation DVD and a new book to add to my Preacher collection; at Best Buy yesterday I bought Spirited Away and, feeling inexplicably nostalgic, this CD; I just finished my recently purchased Loser Goes First, which I highly (highly!) recommend.

Oh, and I picked up a cute little pink book from the library (after a bizarre encounter wth a lunatic in smudged glasses who, apropos of nothing at all, asked if I would be his valentine, and upon receiving my diplomatic "I already have one, but thank you" reply, bitterly ground out "Of course you do," and stomped off) called Crafty Girl Beauty: Things to Make and Do, and in defiance of instructions like "Glycerin Rule #1 is, it looks like water but it is NOT okay to drink", and "Grab an adult any time you plan to use the stove, microwave, or a sharp knife," which perhaps suggest I am not quite in the correct demographic (but maybe yes? Who am I to find myself above contemplating a hearty gulp of glycerin) to be enjoying their crafty recipes, I plan to assemble and bake something called Bath Biscuits today.

Booze, fish, music, movies, bath biscuits - I got your 3 day weekend right chere, baby.

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