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02.10.2004 - 3:42 p.m.


Oh my dear god, I just got over a completely hysterical fit of laughter from reading this. Just when I thought I had control of myself, I'd read the "PFFT" part again (it's at the end, but seriously, make sure there's no soda in your mouth or anything cause otherwise it's coming right the hell outta your noseholes) and I'd be all "BAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAWWWWW" all over again. Miss Doxie rules.

Also, you have to read my friend Scott's profoundly awesome essay on margarine. That's the sort of entry that should be bandied about the internet, springlaunched from memepool, eventually resulting in horrific bandwidth costs and international fame.

(Except your freaking permalinks don't seem to work, Scott. Although I love the helpful page that tells me to "Go to Microsoft Product Support Services and perform a title search for the words HTTP and 404." Wha? I was looking for butter substitutes.)


There was an article in today's paper on two Seattle radio stations that recently changed their programming. One is 107.7 The End, which used to play a lot of shitty music like Creed and Limp Bizkit, and one is 96.5 The Point, which used to play a lot of shitty music like Journey and Pat Benetar.

Now they both offer "alternative" music - I've been hearing decent stuff like The Cure, White Stripes, Pixies, older U2 (you know, before Bono got all pussy and started wearing those dumb-ass glasses), and even Belly. It's nice having more options, I cycle between those two stations and 89.5, the student-run station (because I like feeling like I'm in a Mitsubishi commercial when I'm driving sometimes).

So this morning I'm at a stoplight in Bellevue, right before the onramp to 520, and I'm listening to "Roxanne" on 96.5. And I am lustily singing along pretty much at the top of my lungs, getting into it, just like that SNL episode with Sting where everyone who gets in the elevator with him starts singing Roxanne - "RAAAHHH-xanne" - when I glance sideways and I see that in the Grand Cherokee on my left there is a portly middle aged guy doing the exact same fucking thing. No shit, he's facing forward, and I can see his mouth making the "ROXanne" shape, then "you don't have to wear that dress tonight". So I go "walk the streets for money," and he goes "you don't care if it's wrong or if it's right."

I don't know, I've been meaning to email 96.5 and congratulate them on reaching their audience.

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