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02.08.2004 - 6:33 p.m.


There are lots of images from this weekend that I don't have photos for. Like walking on the beach at night with the stark starriness of the open sky reflected on the wet sand in ripples and swirls, the waves rumbling and crashing and never stopping, never. The feel of sunshine on my face and salt on my lips. The perfectly perfect sight of a flock of snowy plovers moving along the shore in a hurried-yet-graceful synchronized ballet.

However, I do have photos for some things: Dog with her piteous Staring At the Sea expression, JB and our friend K assembling a (doomed) kite, the hose bath of sorrow, and various other beachy pictures that will probably take fourteen thousand hours to load.

It was a fun time.


Over the weekend, Dog began to exhibit some very strange and embarrassing behavior. Put simply, she occasionally mounted our friend's female dog and began vigorously humping away. As it turns out, according to Google anyway, this is common conduct for a dog asserting dominance, which makes sense because Dog is very alpha.

Anyway, I took a picture at one point (while simultaneously shrieking "Eeek! Stop that!" because damn, when your previously never-shown-humping-inclinations dog suddenly starts to freak another dog, you know, doggystyle…it's fucking weird, seriously). While I am not going to post it in this entry, if you would like to see what is undeniably the most unintentionally pornographic DISTURBING-ass picture in the whole world…

Click here.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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