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02.06.2004 - 1:47 p.m.


We're spending the weekend on the coast, a place called Ocean Shores, with a couple of friends. We're staying at a dog-friendly house on the beach that purportedly has a hot tub, so it should be a good time.

Our Dog will be filled with joy to run on a beach again. Actually, she doesn't so much "run on the beach", it's more like she "swims straight out to sea". Crazy water-loving beast that she is, she plunges around in the waves like a furry orca while other beachgoers look on with curiosity. "Is that your dog?" they ask, pointing out at the faraway dot that is Dog, while their own NORMAL dog trots happily along on the sand.

I need to remember her ability to endure glacial temperatures next time I'm racked with guilt when I put her outside in on a chilly day. Like JB always tells me when I worry about her being cold or wet or whatever, "She's a DOG. She'll be FINE." (and I whine, "But she's oooouur Dog!").


Since you are all smarty smartertons (oh! that reminds me, Dog's new nickname [and aren't you glad she HAS a new nickname] is Snouty Von Snouterton, and the associated song goes "Snoooouuty Von Snouterton! Look at her snout!", which you must sing loudly and with great gusto) , does anyone know how long you can/should take antibiotics? I started taking Minocycline for my rosacea a few months ago because the Differin cream wasn't doing shit (and wow, the word "cream" should really not be in the same sentence as the word "shit" and by the way how're we doing with the parentheticals? Grrrr-reat!) and I really noticed a huge improvement. Then I stopped taking it a couple weeks ago and I'm seeing some of the redness already coming back.

Am I supposed to take the Minocycline for, like, ever, or what? Isn't that bad for your system? Can you just down a bunch of acidophilus to make everything okay? Should I maybe be asking a doctor some of these questions?


Ok so I don't know how I have spent so much time reading online journals without stumbling onto Dooce before now, but is her website not the most awesome thing in the universe? And aw, new baby!

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