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02.01.2004 - 2:11 p.m.


I've had a great weekend, thanks to Chiara who gamely agreed to a last-minute idea to have a slumber party at my house on Friday and sit around all night watching Eddie Izzard and eating various cheese-related items. I highly recommend Chiara as a wonderful guest for any occasion, because she shows up bearing things like flowers and chocolate peanut butter pretzels.

Yesterday, still spouting Izzard jokes at each other ("A plumber? What on *earth* is that?" "You - cake or death?" "Uh, cake please."), we moseyed through the cavernous yuppiedom that is the Bellevue Square Mall, before heading back to my house to watch Pirates - Chiara for the second time, me for the…uhh…fifth time or so.

"You sure you don't mind watching it again?" Chiara asked worriedly. "Don't feel like you have to on my account."

"No, no," I said absently, stroking Johnny Depp's visage on the front of the DVD case, "it's really…no problem at all."

It turns out Chiara is a filthy pirate fancier like me, so we had a vastly entertaining time talking to the television and squealing.

Scene at beginning of movie where we first see Captain Jack, his hair all blowing in the wind and his flashing dark eyes and his sharp cheekbones and mmmm… - anyway, that scene:

Chiara: "Oh my god!"
Me: "Uh. Mah. GAH. OMAGAH."
Chiara: "Damn. Damn. Damn."
Me: *fans self*
Chiara: *clutches chest*
Me: "Whew! Man."

Any scene with Elizabeth:

Chiara: "Duck lips!"
Me: "Quack! Quack!"

Scene where Jack is leaning towards Will on the Isle de Muerte, telling him not to do anything stupid:

Chiara: "KISS HIM."

End of movie where Jack is sort of erotically stroking the captain's wheel prong thingie:

Chiara and me: *incoherent shrieking*
Me: "Oh my god that was so awesome! That ruled! I am totally rewinding!"
Chiara: "Eeee!"

Repeat of same scene:

Chiara and me: *even louder shrieking*
Me: "That was the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life."
Chiara: "TOTALLY."
Me: "I'm so playing it again."

The pets were happy to have someone new in their midst this weekend - Cat, who normally sits around giving everyone the finger, curled up contentedly in Chiara's lap (and even suffered the indignity of being referred to thusly: "Aw, you're a little black pearl") while Dog laid her chin on Chiara's knee and stared moistly into her eyes.

Good times, good times.

Today has been a pleasantly lazy Sunday, I need to get some groceries and return some library books, but for now I'm satisfied with drifting between Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (I'm finally reading the damn books and kicking myself soundly for not having done it earlier, they are wonderful), an Adrian Tomine graphic novel, and the rest of those chocolate peanut butter pretzels. It might be the long dark tea-time of the soul, but I wouldn't mind if it put Monday morning off for two or three more days.

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