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01.15.2004 - 6:34 p.m.


So, yeah, I've dusted off the old web page here, because between me and thee I was getting a touch sick of the lips, you know? Plus I was all jealous of my friend Chiara with her snazzy new layout. I'm not sure if I'm wild about how long the header graphic seems to take to load (and Diaryland, why have you no notion of caching? O why?), and featuring the pets so prominently does feel more than mildly retarded, but what the hell. It's like this for now, maybe I'll change it again soon. Although unlike all you kids these days I am woefully lame at HTML so maybe it will just rust in place for another two years.

I'm sitting here glurping at tea (even though at 6 PM it is clearly Miller Time) in the hopes of a caffeine jolt that will propel me up and out of my chair and possibly even towards the laundry room. I have been what JB scornfully refers to as a 'bed sloth' the last few days, ostensibly a side effect of the lingering snotfest in my head. I can literally lie in bed all day, surrounded by Barbara Pym novels (ahh, that explains the inexplicable tea-urge) and occasionally dropping off into a thick slumber. Frankly, it's been quite pleasant.

Except when your body is horizontal for like 20 hours a day you don't really get much done. Plus, it's maybe not so good for the waistline? Also, bed hair to the nth degree, man.


Here's a handy trick for you. If you happen to have the sort of sink that has the extra spraying attachment thingie, wrap a rubber band around the sprayer so the handle is held down. Then, carefully position the sprayer so when your unsuspecting victim turns on the water, perhaps in order to wash a pan she had used in order to fucking prepare dinner for her ungrateful asshat of a husband, the sprayer will direct a mighty jet of water all over said victim. Then, sit back and peal out great loud donkey brays of laughter.

Suggestions for retaliation are welcome.


Things at Workplace are better for me lately. I can only assume they are much worse for some people, but those are the people who were making my job hard, so, well, yeah, not so much with the sympathy on this end.

The person I hired has worked out really, really well. He produces great artwork, he's easy to get along with, and he's a quiet and unobtrusive office-mate. I couldn't have asked for a better employee.

I'm in more of a position to actually get things done now. It feels so much better, despite various ongoing office drama flare-ups.

In so many ways it's the best job in the entire world. I can only assume I will never, ever work somewhere like it again. And recently, I feel like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Like the division in the company's ownership that's causing so many problems might actually heal itself.

I don't know. But, I feel hopeful. And that's a good feeling.

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