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01.12.2004 - 5:24 p.m.


I left my immune system in San Francisco, apparently. Due to air travel or the general germiness of glad-handing hundreds of nerds at Macworld last week I've finally succumbed to the Winter Guck, which has left me incapable of doing much more than trailing crumpled kleenexes all over the house and watching Pirates of the Caribbean over and over and over again, because good lord, Jack Sparrow? SO FUCKING HOT. Oh my GOD, seriously, he's even hotter than ARAGORN, with the eye-widening and the finger-wriggling and the -

Ahem. Anyway.

Macworld was…I don't know, a tradeshow. Some people get really super into it and do crazy things like getting in line for the 8 AM keynote at, like, 8 PM the night before, but for me it's just a really geeky tradeshow that lasts four unbelievably long days.

I do like having the opportunity to talk with some of the people who come by our booth. In the Mac industry, Workplace is beloved by a small but fiercely loyal group of fans, and it's always nice to hear from people who support us.

Still, though. Four days of standing around yammering endlessly about our products? Whurrrrrrgh.

Highlights of the trip:

- Eating at the most amazing Indian restaurant ever, during which I discovered the sheer blissful heaven that is Sag Paneer, a substance I could easily consume a kettle-drum-sized portion of. With a humongous spoon.

- Dancing my butt off in a crowded gay bar, no doubt looking like the world's biggest poser.

- The woman who came by our booth and cried, "Girl, you write them funny newsletters! You're the best!" and hugged me. For the second Macworld in a row! Love that woman. Love. Her.

- My coworker randomly telling me he was going to change his name to Paul Bunyan. "But I'm going to spell it BUNION, just to be weird."

Lowlights of the trip:

- Imbibing WAY too freely in the drinks available at an industry party, and smooching a certain well known Mac journalist. On the cheek, so chill the hell out, JB. At least I didn't get a henna tattoo on my FACE like one of my coworkers did, to his undying regret the next day.

- Deciding to have a quiet night to myself (see: free drinks, complications thereof) and ordering room service, only to find myself strangely embarrassed and replying "two" when they asked how many would be dining.

- Getting overly excited when Phil Schiller came by our booth and trumpeting "Show him the platymapus! The platymapus!".*

* I had made this sample document, see, that shows off the features in our new software, and it's like a fake report on platypuses (platypi? Clearly I must do more research), and we were joking about Jessica Simpson, and….yeah. "Platymapus". I rule.

Well, I survived it, none the worse for wear except a stepped-up snot production process. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch that movie one..more..time. Savvy, luv?

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