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10.28.2003 - 6:46 p.m.


When my plane touched down this afternoon (well, actually it was more like it ka-whammed down, it was one of those nerve-wracking landings where you stare fixedly at the ground rushing upwards and hope the pilot can hurry up and fix the little wobbling issue the plane seems to be having) I was filled with happiness to be back home; happy to have had such a good trip; happy to be done with travelling for a while.

Then the walkway thingie malfunctioned so we sat at our gate for 932850 hours until someone finally towed our big Boeing ass to another gate. After that, I was just headachy and sweaty. And hungry. Airline-provided Sun chips do not a meal make.

I left O'Hare this morning and I don't care if I ever see that damn airport again. I'm sure some of you have no trouble navigating its busy freaking hive, but I am severely directionally impaired (do not mock the afflicted!) and spent a good chunk of time trotting miserably around trying to figure out which damn terminal the stupid United counter was in because there's no goddamn signs anywhere in the entire airport.

So, I'm home, and glad to be here. Dog leaped excitedly at me when I arrived at the house and center-punched me in my left boob, which was kind of a nice/painful welcome. Despite the drizzle outside, I have a new appreciation for the Pacific Northwest and its weather: it is downright balmy right now compared to the Midwest. Practically tropical.

It was a good weekend. We had a beautiful drive both on our way to the UP and coming back. I got to visit with my great aunt and uncle, folks I haven't seen in years. My grandparents' old house was just as I remembered it, as were the beach and the woods and the smell in the air. It felt good to walk along Lake Michigan again, looking out at that landless horizon. I'd like to go back sometime, bring JB and stay for a week or two in the summer. It's an amazing part of the country.

Pictured: Chicago city lights, gorgeous Midwest fall leaves, ancient 'private' sign that my grandfather made, road to my grandparent's old house, The House We Came To See, beach creek, freezing cold me, knockout sunset.


Not pictured: a tasty enormous meal in Chicago's Greektown, the Mars Cheese Castle, the sheer comedic gold of my aunt and I trying to figure out how to open the rental car's gas thingie (complete with trunk-flying-open-action), my relatives' beagle climbing merrily inside their dishwasher, a nearly-purchased "Yooper Girls" CD, and five hundred million billion road-squashed porcupines.


Between Austin and Michigan, I've had the most amazing past couple of weeks. And frankly, I'm exhausted. Pass the Amstel Light, would you? And one of those Sun chips.

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