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10.13.2003 - 6:23 p.m.


I cannot believe JournalCon is in, like, four days. Holy shit. I've been thinking about it for so long it's hard to believe it is really going to happen. In FOUR DAYS.

I keep trying to guess what the weekend will be like, but I really have no idea. I know there are lots of people I'm urine-sprayingly excited to meet, and maybe that's enough. It doesn't make any sense to spend time worrying about whether anyone will talk to me or whether my ass will look too fat or whether I will suddenly be afflicted with a case of Tourette's during my panel or whatever.

I do know one thing for certain, I am going to have to get up way too early in the morning on Friday. What flavor of crack was I smoking when I booked a United flight departing at - dear god - 6:05 AM? I mean 6 AM is horrendous in and of itself, but when you factor in the 20 minute drive to the airport, the arrive-early-for-shoe x-rays necessity, the last minute packing...oh, I can't bear it. It will dark when my alarm goes off. Very, very dark.

Annoyingly, it's not even a direct flight. I got my tickets months ago, and they were still expensive as hell and I have to connect through Denver. Gah. I hate hate hate flying, so the prospect of two separate flights to get to Austin and its non-hub ass is evil. Evil I say!

I will be in good company, though - the lovely Chiara is my flight-mate and 'Con roomie. And frankly, I think she is going to be disgusted at just how much primping and prepping goes into my daily routine. Chiara is one of those people who don't wear a stitch of makeup and they have beautiful lustrous skin that never gets all shiny and they can just pull their hair in a ponytail and kabam, they're ready to go and they look great. I, on the other hand, have to put on fifty different moisturizers spackle myself with foundation brush my eyebrows put on blusher powder my nose and I still need to flatiron my hair and oh god I look like ass give me like 45 minutes okay?

Sorry in advance for hogging the bathroom, Chiara.

Well, and speaking of Chiara, thus allowing me to wheel into a seamless journal transition (*cough hackneyed segue cough*), JB and I had the pleasure of eating a large vat of sushi with her and Carl, her awesome boyfriend, on Saturday. They visited our house, too, where Dog placed her paw on Chiara's knee and bowed her head solemnly, which I thought was a nice touch. You like your guests to feel revered, you know?

So that was a nice Saturday. On Sunday we headed downtown to Westlake Center because I am a genius.

No really! I am totally a genius. JB was telling me that he wanted a skull-and-crossbones sticker for a piece of his dive gear (because it's...filled with cyanide gas? now I can't remember) and he was googling around looking for a graphic he could print on sticker paper and I suddenly knew exactly where to find the sticker he wanted: Hot Topic.

Yes, the cheesy store filled with flame-imprinted pleather pants, "ironic" Care Bear keychains, Manic Panic hair dye, The Crow posters, etc. We walked in (setting off the Geezer Alarm) and there was his sticker, just the right size, right there in the glass display case. Genius!

After that highly satisfying outing, we ventured down to Pike Place, where I ate a humongous salmon filet sandwich and we bought about seventy pounds of mussels. The weather was completely crazy: dark and raining one minute, sunny but freakishly windy the next - my hair became a super-freak, super-freak, it was super-freaky - and everyone was occupied with constantly struggling into/out of their jackets.

Later I went shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a pair of king sized pillowcases, and then went to Old Navy where I picked up a lambswool sweater. I came home, realized my pillows are NOT king sized, tried on the sweater and practically dug furrows in my skin from the furious itching, so BACK to Bed Bath & Beyond for STANDARD pillowcases, and BACK to Old Navy to return the sweater (Salesgirl: "Was there something wrong with the sweater?" Me: "It makes me completely freak out." Salesgirl: "....oh.") Genius! Wait, no.

It was a good weekend overall but it went by so fast. And now it's almost JournalCon! I have to pack! And prepare my liver! FOUR DAYS!

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