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09.15.2003 - 8:50 p.m.


Okay, I'm going to try and only apologize for the sheer crappiness of these photos ONCE. Here goes: for most of the weekend, it wasn't feasible for me to turn on the flash on my digital camera - so I took lots of pictures in "slow shutter" mode. IE, blurry as shit with weird lighting. So don't think I went crazy with Photoshop trying to be artistic, the shots suck this much all on their own.


We got in Friday afternoon (do you need context for this entry? If so: I went to my friend Jen's wedding last weekend in Las Vegas. Also, why aren't you reading more regularly? I CRAVE YOUR EYES! Although not in some freak eyeball-licking-fetish way! Maybe!) and headed to Mandalay where we cruised through the shark reef aquarium.

Moray Eel

Whenever I see a Moray eel, the words to "That's Amore" play in my head, but they go:

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That's...amoray (eel!)

House of Blues

JB and I had dinner at House of Blues after the aquarium outing, where I ate the best salad I've ever had in my life. It featured large mounds of steak. In addition, there was ranch dressing. But it was technically a salad, so no guilt. Ha! Take that, "system"!

Big! Poker! Win!

Check me, don't wreck me! Dude, do you see how much I just won there? Twenty-seven credits. In QUARTERS. I totally just won, um, divide by four...$6.75.

Yeah, I lost it afterwards. So what? Twenty-seven credits, man.

Rumjungle, I

I love you, rumjungle. With your bazillion kinds of rum. And your elevated cage for the dancing girls.

Rumjungle, II

I've got a Ring thing going on here. Seven daysss....okay whoah I just freaked myself out.


Later in the evening we went to Bellagio and watched "O". "O"? Is "awesome". Lots of water and bendy people and weird red ballerinas. This here is a shindig in the ceiling that a performer descended from at one point.

Bellagio Ceiling

I know, I know, Chihuly blows goats instead of glass and he doesn't do his own art, but I still like the ceiling in Bellagio's lobby.

Bellagio Garden, I

Here's JB hanging out by the new-to-us patriotic display in the Bellagio conservatory. This is part one in a 2-part series of JB looking sheepish in a touristy Vegas photo.

Bellagio Garden, II

Me, in the same conservatory. We both went gaga over those big huge trailing flowering plants you can see flanking the staircase behind me, until I felt a petal - fake! Fakey von Fakertons with the fake flowers!

Bellagio Garden, III

This was new to us, too. In amongst the lovely flowers everywhere, there were...these. Strange creepy flower children, bizarrely huge and vaguely misshapen. I suspect at night they come alive.


Outside of Caesar's, here is our correspondent, Tits McCallahan! What's the situation like there, Tits?

Well, as you can see Mary, my chest seems to be experiencing what I like to call...Left-Boob-Higher-Than-Right. It's possible we have a...major support issue on hand. Additionally, the choice of this particular article of clothing seems to be in question. It's a matter of flattery, Mary, and it appears this shirt just...doesn't have what it takes. Back to you.

Race for Atlantis! Best ride ever!


Inside the Forum

This would be part two in our 2-part series.


My God!

Not It to shop there. Noooooo thank you. Nope. Not interested in any of your fine Celine Dion merchandise, Caesar's. Unless maybe it was a Celine bobblehead. Heh. That would be cool.


Paree! Eet ees so pretty, yes? Ho ho! Eet ees so fun to talk in zee fraaaanch accent, no?

Another goddamn ceiling?

Just a neat-looking ceiling in Paris.

You betcha.

Part of the ceiling in the Paris wedding chapel.



Okay, I seriously cried like a big weiner through Jen's entire wedding. The camera's probably extra blurry here because I'm blatting away (but quietly! so as to not disrupt!). But it was so pretty, you guys.

Wedding reception

Best reception ever. Sitting with a table of friends and eating and drinking and ocasionally taking surreptitious pictures of the bride and groom.

Fireside Lounge

Afterwards, a few of us headed to the Fireside Lounge for a few drinks before JB and I realized it was around 1 AM and that we were precariously close to turning into pumpkins.

Back At Paris, Chris Isaak Stares Adoringly Into My Eyes

A marquee sign announcing Chris Isaak's upcoming Vegas concert, and me being a dork.


What an amazing and low-key and classy wedding, and I am so glad I got to be there! Look at the beautiful bride, and cast not your gaze upon my frighteningly shiny face! Go wish Jen and Matt a happy marriage, you guys.

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