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09.01.2003 - 5:19 p.m.


Man, Labor Day must be the most annoying holiday in the world for the people who don't get to take it off. I salute you, Home Depot employees! Thank you for soldiering onward during our nation's day of leisure, providing me with the opportunity to purchase several very important bags of topsoil!

Yesterday and today JB and I basically did nothing but work on the yard. "All we do is dig, and plant," he groaned on a return trip from the nursery. "And we've got like a fifty percent survival rate going. This is not a good investment."

It's true I am no green thumb. I've killed ferns, a rhododendron, a small juniper, several nasturtians, and I've currently got a highly iffy-looking hydrangea wilting in the front yard. I am guilty of planting things without knowing what their sun tolerance was, forgetting to add potting soil, watering them poorly, and so on.

However! I am striving to improve. Our yard is slowly looking better, even with the occasional death gurgle. It's a nice way to spend the weekend; working up a sweat in the late summer heat, sipping a cold beer as you inspect your handiwork.


Saturday our friends Kevin and Elaine came to visit, two dogs in tow. One was their enormous golden retriever whose wagging tail can sweep half the furniture in a room over. The other was a mutt of indeterminate origin that they were dogsitting. Dog seemed to take the sudden intrusion in stride, which I was happy to see.

We all headed to Alki beach, where JB and Kevin were going to be scuba diving. The plan was for Elaine and I to walk the dogs in the area, which proved to be far more difficult than we had predicted. Each dog somehow compounded the dogginess of the other two dogs, so it was like walking a herd of buffalo, or something. Leashes became tangled together and wrapped around our legs. Dogs shot out in every direction, endangering the throngs of bicyclists and rollerbladers sharing the sidewalk. I realized we had no plastic bags, and became convinced we were going to lose the dogshit lottery and one of them would take a massive dump right there in front of all the likely-to-be-annoyed beachgoers. All in all it was more stressful than fun, and I was glad to pile them back into the car and head home, despite the aroma (wet dogs + enclosed space = damn, you have no idea).

Later, Cat came sauntering in the house, strolled down the hallway issuing her typical complaining sounds, then stopped dead in her tracks as she caught sight of three dogs in the backyard. She stared for several seconds with a perfect expression of disgust, then looked up at me. The message could not have been more clear: what the holy fuck have you done?

It was fun spending time with our friends, but it was also fun spending time with Other Dog People. I suppose it's like hanging out with other parents when you have kids, although, frankly, that comparison just skeeved me out big time.


Now I must inspect my gardening handiwork (remember, that involves a beer!). Hope you had a good weekend.

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