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08.22.2003 - 11:50 a.m.


"Robot parade, robot parade, robots obey what the children say!"

Oh yeah, that's stuck. Stuck right in some cranial fold, probably obliterating something vaguely useful like remembering how to convert fractions to decimals.

I went to see Gigantic on Wednesday, which by the way is hilarious and you should totally see it if it comes through your town, even if you do think They Might Be Giants is music for geeks, which is true. The scene with the high school debate team arguing over the meaning of "Particle Man" is worth the price of admission, right there.

I went with my friends Chiara, Carl, John, and Scott, who are all so funny I think I may have peed myself on three separate occasions that night from laughing.

Ha ha! I am just kidding. About the peeing. (Maybe.)

Scott was kind - or EVIL - enough to bring me a copy of his newly created TMBG monster mix CD, and that's where I heard it for the first time.

"There's electric cars, there's electric trains, here comes a robot with electric brains."

It's taking over my hypothalamus! O, the sweating!


Ahem. Unhand me, strange desire to make anatomical brain jokes of dubious quality.


JB is coming home tomorrow, weather willing (it's typhoon season in Hong Kong, apparently). I'm looking forward to his return, because it seems I have forgotten how to entertain myself in any decent manner when I'm alone. For instance, I watched the entirety of Eight Legged Freaks on Tuesday, even though I have (the shame!) ALREADY SEEN IT. And last night, I spent a good 20 minutes transfixed by Dog, who was licking the bottom of a cool whip container and moving it around the living room.

Oh, and I killed about an hour the other night batting wildly at myself after walking into a spider web. That was a party in a can, let me tell you.


I'm playing hooky today, and I'm not the only one: the Workplace Excuse-O-Meter is in full rotation this morning churning out various emailed explanations for being out of the office. Two separate people have sick cats, and one person simply said he was going back to bed but he expected to be in for his massage later.

Workplace: attendance optional! Massages required by law. I'm never bitching about that place again.


"Wave the flags that the robots made!"

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