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07.11.2003 - 4:34 p.m.


Yesterday was a book club night, hosted by the marvelously charming Peachy. Something I noticed while at her house: her dog is much, much more behaved than mine and can do tricks. Our Dog is, sadly, a no-trick pony, unless you count the thing where she rolls around on her back peddling her feet in the air while making loud grunting sounds, and then JB and I clap loudly and yell "PIG SOUNDS!" until she gets all riled up and does Crab Dog, where she has a fit and runs all around the living room really low to the ground.

Yeah...that probably doesn't count.

Our book club book (how many books could a book club book if a book club could club books?) was The Lovely Bones. I was surprised that so many people didn't like it. In fact, the specific part of the storyline that most people thought was corny - the girl's heaven, and her interaction with it - was the part I found the most emotionally appealing, and often caused me to snurfle my through the tale. This just proves something I knew all along: I am a sap.

Further evidence of sappitude: I borrowed the new Liz Phair CD from a coworker the other day. Based on some scathing reviews (and the cheesecake shot on the CD photo), I was prepared to sneer my way through the entire thing. When listening to it for the first time, I thought it was indeed more poppy and less edgy, but fairly bearable - until I got to "Little Digger", when I completely and totally bawled my head off.

I'm not talking the type of thing where your throat aches and you get a little moist around the eyes. That song fucking made me cry. I mean, I'm driving along sobbing, trying to wipe tears and snot from my face, hoping that no one sees me and thinks I'm a freak (don't look at the crying lady, dear, it's not nice).

So add "Little Digger" to the list of Songs That Make Sundry Mist Up Alarmingly, which includes "I Hung My Head", and, inexplicably, "Sea Of Love." Oh, and the music that accompanied those eToys commercials a couple years ago.

Sappy! Yes!

I get gooey during that cheesy car commercial where the dad leaves for work and his little boy follows on his bike and the dad pretends to race his son. I cried so much at the end of To Dance With The White Dog I got the hiccups. I get teary-eyed after any play when everyone claps and the actors come out to take a bow. Every goddamn wedding in the world makes me well up. If I see a smushed animal - even a skunk - on the side of the road, I start to sniffle.

Sappy! So sappy! Don't make me feel crappy! 'Bout bein' sappy!


In other news, I am looking like a freaking slob today. Shapeless t-shirt, denim shorts, and flipflops. I used to wear skirts and heels to the office - now I'm one step away from shambling around in a bathrobe. My god...I'm turning into an engineer.

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