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07.09.2003 - 10:04 p.m.


How about we pretend this is a Bygone Era, where you, my doomed guest, are forced to endure slide after slide from my boring-ass vacation?

JB and Dog sitting at our campsite, staring longingly at the river below. That would be the Rogue river, in southern Oregon. We were staying in an area about 30 miles east of Gold Beach. Which is...uh...somewhere on the coast. Yeah.

It's real pretty down there. Hot and sunny, too. And hey, Patrick Warburton lives there. (JB's mom calls him "Puddy", in a vaguely dreamy voice.) We always walk by his house on our way to a swimming hole at the confluence of the Rogue/Illinoise rivers. Last year we talked with him.
I was sort of giggly and retarded. Surprise!

Every year I've gone to the river with JB, I've wanted to ride in one of the jetboats, and this time I finally did. These things haul 753 flavors of ass. They have 3 huge Chevy engines and can scream over something like 6 inches of water. Riding in one is like sitting on an icecube that is skittering at top speed over the rapids. SO MUCH FUN!

Myeh - just another view of the river. Here, have a cashew.

JB. Who is growing out these weird chops. When did I marry someone from the WWF?

Dog is GRINNING. Also, my hair? I do not know.


Our tent. Doesn't it look sort of rugged and interesting, like a shot taken on Everest? ...No? Fine. Give me back the fucking cashews.

This is such a crappy picture that absolutely does no justice to the beauty of the coastline down there. Just believe me, it's gorgeous. But holy balls, it's windy. Like, peel back your lips and dry your teeth out windy.

After staying at the Rogue, we headed to JB's family cabin for the weekend. This is about 20 minutes south of Eugene, and then about 45 minutes west, on the Umpqua river. Here is Dog, in a canoe! For the first time! Go Dog! Go Dog! It's your birthday! It's -

My god. I...I...


Dog + H2O + JB = TRULUV4EVR!

The cabin, from the Hook-Handed-Killer perspective.

Saucy centerfold? Or blissed-out Dog? Choose Your Own Adventure!

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