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06.15.2003 - 7:41 p.m.


What have I been doing lately, that I have abandoned my journal so? I wish I had an exciting excuse, like maybe I won the mega-million lottery and I've been working up some elaborate web thing where anyone who stops by this page automatically gets $500 deposited in their checking account, except what about those google search freaks, it'd have to check referrals or something; but no, I haven't, I've just been going out on all these dates with Josh Hartnett. You know how it is.

JB's parents came up and stayed with us Thursday and Friday, which was fun. They live in a small town and are very country mouse when they come see us, constantly tut-tutting over traffic and exclaiming over grocery store prices (JB's dad: "Man, that turkey is expensive. Sue, how much is turkey at home?" JB's mom: "I can get turkey at Albertson's for $3.99!" JB's dad: "They're taking you for a ride, son.").

Friday I got my hair cut and colored, and I'm quite pleased with the results. Vanessa the Hairdresser spent forever hacking at my head until a somewhat textured bob emerged, with angling bangs. It requires me to straighten my hair, but I've been doing that forever, so no big whoop there.

After my haircut, I skipped across the Uvillage mall to the Body Shop, where I loaded up on a tub of Body Butter (coconut), Body Scrub (coconut), and Lip Butter (coconut). I feel like one big smooth creamy pina colada.

Saturday JB and I went to a nearby Goodwill, because his parents had gone there and raved about the place. I had my doubts, but as it turns out a thrift store in the midst of Microsoft country has some pretty decent shit. JB got a couple pairs of good-as-new Gap pants, and I loaded up with an armful of books. I also bought a pair of shorts labeled size 8, and when I tried them on later they were so small I couldn't even zip them - which may confirm my sneaking suspicion that stores like Gap and Old Navy are sizing their clothes to appeal to the widest audience possible. Meaning, I buy all size 8 stuff from those shops, but I'm probably not really an 8. But THAT certainly isn't a subject I wish to pursue, so let's move on.

We also visited REI, which is exactly like Home Depot in that you are doomed, just by walking in the door, to spending a minimum of $100. Among other things, JB got a pair of SuperFeet. SuperFeet are inserts that are supposed to help your hiking shoes be more comfortable. The most important thing to know about SuperFeet is that you can easily become quite annoying if you repeatedly sing "SuperFeet! SuperFeet! They're super feet-y!"

Later on Saturday we went to the dog park. I fucking love the dog park. I like to try and get Dog all excited about going by chirping "Dog park! Dog park! Do you want to go to the park? Huh? Huh?" (JB, sighing: "I think Sundry wants to go to the dog park."). It's always so neat seeing all the different types of dogs playing together. Wiener dogs rolling around with Rottweilers. Corgis bustling along next to greyhounds; tiny fluffy dogs, huge enormous dogs. It's just so much visual fun.

Today we slogged up Tiger Mountain for the third time. You'd think that after hiking a steep trail several times it would get easier, but you'd be wrong. WRONG I TELL YOU.

Now JB is off on Alki diving, and I've recently returned from a shopping trip at Fred Meyer where I bought some hair clips, makeup, nail file, and - a kiddie pool. See, we've been wanting to get a kiddie pool for Dog for a while, because she's such a water freak and it's getting hot lately.

JB has maintained that we would need to buy one of those hard plastic kind, but I had thought even a cheap crappy one might work for a while. But, well, I was wrong. Here is a public record of my experiment with the $9.99 Insta-Set Pool.

6:12 PM:
Dog has immediately begun vigorously digging in the pool.

6:16 PM:
She appears to be oddly fixated on one particular section. It is disheartening to note that the bottom of the pool is constructed of a very thin vinyl.

6:18 PM:
Holes are appearing at a rapid rate, and we are now experiencing some major leakage. Dog seemingly redoubles her efforts.

6:21 PM:
Dig! Must dig! Must dig at water! There is only this! The digging!

6:25 PM:
Dog sadly gazes at What Once Was, Frisbee clamped in mouth. The pool has emptied and only sorrowful little puddles remain.

Oh, Insta-Set Pool, we hardly knew you. Your 13 minute life in my backyard was all too swift, your damnation to landfill eternal.

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