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05.28.2003 - 6:12 p.m.


O, three day weekend, your powerful ability to transform a normally dreary Sunday afternoon to a carefree hey-I've-got-one-whole-weekend-day-left Saturday inspires me to dream of a world where business is only conducted four days a week. Where we who live in the Northwest get three, dammit, three chances at a sunny day off.

And yes, I know it's Wednesday, and the weekend happened, like, FOREVER ago, but if this journal offers anything at all - it's stale content, baby.

Um, go journal! Keep on suckin'!

Anyway, here are the Weekend Activities we undertook:

Scuba diving! Not me, of course - I'm a great big chicken who's convinced the ocean is chock full of things that want to strangle me with huge tentacles. JB's the diving fan, and apparently isn't fully satisfied with the level of danger inherent in immersing one's body in a totally hostile atmosphere, so is learning some deep-diving techniques that involve breathing a gas mixture (which, frankly, considering the frequency of his nocturnal Dutch Ovens, he should be quite familiar with).

Carpet cleaning! A guy came out in a van and just shlucked the crapola out of our carpet with a vacuum/shampoo thingie. Very satisfying results but left me all OCD Girl about footprints ("Take off your shoes! Wipe Dog's feet!"). I'm sure, however, that I will eventually return to my natural state of apathy ("What's that on the floor - chili? Oh well.").

Hiking! JB has signed up for a summit attempt on Mt. Rainier in August. Since this involves hiking for about eighty jillion hours straight up, THEN hiking back down - without, one hopes, plummeting to his death, he's decided he needs to do some training. So the last couple of weekends we've taken Dog out to nearby Tiger Mountain for a rather sweaty slog to the top. The first time we went, we were huffing through an especially steep part of the trail - and some asshole jogged past us! Jogged! Listen, if you're in such spectacular shape you can JOG up a fucking mountain, then go use your powers to fight crime or something, and don't make us mere mortals feel like puny weaklings, goddammit.

Canoeing! Monday finally pulled it together weather-wise and it was beautiful and sunny and just generally wonderful outside. We rented a canoe and tooled around in this nature park area on Lake Washington. Good times, plus I saw a baby duck that was so fucking CUTE I almost spontaneously laid an egg, or something.

There was also barbecuing, beer drinking, Home Depot-going, sloth, gluttony, etc.

Oh yeah, and I finally saw the Matrix. Unlike my geeky friends Scott and Feng who watched the movie three times - on opening day - I slacked off on seeing it hoping for the crowds to die down. I liked it, thanks. But I think I appreciated it on a different level than most hardcore Matrix fans...which is to say, I am far too stupid to understand any of the symbolism or philosophical themes. I am only capable of staring openmouthed in wonder and saying, softly, "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad" when stuff blows up.


Now the week is halfway over and my days at Workplace have been injected with all these new meetings and I spend much of the time nodding sagely and trying to keep an alert expression. Today we spent about an hour discussing how we could improve the way people view porn on the web, which was frankly quite entertaining and educational. I came up with an idea for a fake history that can instantly erase all the questionable material you'd been viewing, then populates itself with pre-defined wholesome content. Hee. I don't think we'll be doing that, though. My genius is not to be realized in my time.

Also? Today? My god, it's nice outside, people. Seriously. You come on by, we'll barbecue.

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