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05.13.2003 - 1:45 p.m.


--Vacation Factoids--

Jellyfish stings I got on my arm: 1
Apparently sincere offers received from JB to pee on it: 2
Offers accepted: 0
Number of courses served, seriously, during dinner at "Sabatini's": 17
Dollars lost in the casino in an embarrassingly quick and efficient manner: 50
Tables of people at karaoke who found themselves compelled to perform the Grease song "Summer Nights" even though no one remembered the words very well and the only part they were able do in unison was the "Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!" part, after which they would collapse in drunken laughter: 3


Of the many exciting things that could have happened during my absence from Workplace, none did, which I suppose falls into the no-news-is-good-news category. I did discover that the coworker who I had asked to put an autoresponder on my email had forgotten to do so, so I had this piled-up wad of emails that had just lingered for a week, unanswered and unacknowledged, giving me the (incredibly false) appearance of being so busy like ze bee I couldn't be bothered to respond to anyone. Sundry, the Rude Executive! Except NOT, of course, and I spent a length amount of time crafting lengthy explanatory responses to people who frankly probably didn't give a tin shit in the first place. Sundry, the Over-Apologetic Drone!

Ah well, back to the routine. Birth, school, work, death, and all that. Can't live on a cruise ship forever.



So either I've been battling the same germ for weeks now, or I picked up something new and exotic on the trip. Once again I'm tootling away into wads of kleenex and mouth-breathing throughout the night, leaving me with a taste I can only describe as "like a rotting hyena corpse, but worse somehow." I've got a sinus headache from hell that's lasted a full 24 hours and despite several handfuls of ibuprofen, shows no sign of letting up. When did I get to be such a decrepit, shambling wreck of a person? O, my lost youth, with its vim/vigor/piss/vinegar.

In other fascinating news, JB hung his backpack on a door in our hallway last night (he was "picking up") and Cat has decided it's a pretty good place for chilling out and keeping an eye on Dog.




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