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03.26.2003 - 7:50 p.m.


You know what I am sick and tired of? The eighty jillion billion million eDiets banner ads on Yahoo. Especially the one that says something like "Love your tummy" and there's the graphic of some slender little slyph making a heart shape with her delicate wee fingers on her taut belly. Brah. Foo.

Not that I'm constantly checking Yahoo while I'm at work, mind you. *cough*

I talked with JB last night, the boat he's on had docked at one of the Catalina islands for a few hours so he was able to get to a phone. Sounds like they're having a great time, diving like 5 times a day. He described diving in kelp so thick and long it was like walking through a forest, and seeing seals swimming around him doing barrel rolls.

So what have you been up to, darlin', he asked. I eyed Dog, who had a Frisbee clamped in her jaw and was trembling with anticipation, and Cat, who was standing near her food bowl and bleating angrily. Same old, same old, I said.

I swear to GOD the pets get extra obnoxious when JB's gone. This morning I was ready to send them to the pound, or possibly to cram them both in a wood chipper.

It started at 5 AM when Cat began howling outside my bedroom door, sadly interrupting a sweaty dream featuring Gael Garcia Bernal. The steadily increasing volume level seemed to indicate she was pressing her little furry face near the opening between the door and the carpet in order to be as annoying as possible. I endured the yowls as long as I could before I staggered out of bed and into the hallway, where I was hip-checked by a crazed Dog. Fighting to keep my balance in the Tazmanian-devil like flurry of animals, I threw food in their bowls, put the dog outside, and went back to bed.

About an hour of blissful silence passed before Cat was back, re-fueled and louder than ever. Gritting my teeth, I got up and let Cat out the door to the deck off our bedroom.

7 AM. Rip rip rip THUNK. Rip rip rip THUNK. This was the sound of Cat repeatedly climbing partially up the screen on the door to the deck, then crashing back down to the ground, while unleashing a series of angry meows.

I counted to ten slowly, let Cat inside, then crawled back under the covers.

7:15 AM. Scrape scrape scrape WHINE. Scrape scrape scrape WHINE. Dog was jumping up and pawing at the back door, whimpering to be let in.

Not to be outdone, Cat came back to the bedroom door and resumed her aria.

At 7:20 AM, I slammed open the bedroom door, shrieked incoherently at the cat, picked her up and raced to the front door where I tossed her several feet onto the lawn, turned and charged to the back door where I slapped the glass and squeaked at the dog, then stomped back down the hall to my bed, where I lay shivering with irritation until 7:30, when my alarm went off.

Patience is not my forte first thing in the morning, is all I'm saying.


So yay, you guys, for all the great booty-shaking tunes suggestions! I'm having so much more fun getting ready for work in the morning now that I can jump around the bathroom singing into my flatiron. Plus, that must burn some calories, right? Surely I will love my tummy in no time!


Pssst. It's my friend Peachy's birthday today, so you should go visit her site and make fun of her for having sex with a HEART MONITOR on, because that is such a totally a dorky - and frankly, weird - thing to do, you know? Oh, and maybe wish her a happy birthday too. Yeah!

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