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03.24.03 -


Why am I all sore today? Why why why? Because I went totally beserker yesterday! Dancing! Yes, I did! Danced for a full hour! In our office/gear room! In a sports bra and capri leggings! Did I look like a turbo-dork? Yes, I did!

Man, I downloaded some great music last night. I found the songs I was looking for (and thank you to those who offered to post them to me) and whee, even more with the Yaz and the Thrill Kill Kult and ooh, NIN's "Get Down Make Love". A big shout out to Sassy, who reminded me about New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle", which took me Way Back When to the days when we would dance to that song and during the "get down on my knees and pray" part we'd actually get down on our knees, because that was such a totally fucking cool thing to do, you know?

I'm just having too much fun blaring tunes around the house and doing my patented Sundry Dance Step, which consists mainly of sort of jogging in place while flapping my arms wildly like a pigeon. Sometimes - just to mix things up! - I throw in some kickboxing moves, which I can only assume looks even MORE stupid than it sounds. But who cares? JB's out of town, and no one can see me shaking my big white can to "Join in the Chant".

No one except the pets, that is. You know you've lost any sense of rhythm or style when your faithless animals sneer at your choreography. Dog followed me around with a giant Dog-grin, laughing openly. Cat curled up near the speakers and emanated little waves of amused contempt. I swear I saw them trying to figure out how the digital camera worked.

Has it really been so long since I would stay out until all hours dancing like a possessed fiend? Sweating off every last bit of white makeup and black eyeliner? Hoovering illegal substances in the scary petri-dish unisex bathrooms? Shrieking at the top of my lungs when "Dig It" came on?

Well, yes, actually. That was like 13 years ago. Ah, well. Good times.

So you guys have to do something for me! Send me email or leave me a note in the guestbook telling me what some of your favorite dance songs are. Really, it could even be music from this decade. Anything that shakes your tailfeathers, you know? Because I've got 4 more days of having the house to myself, and we're gonna reenact Risky Business tonight, baby. Tighty whiteys and all.

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