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02.03.2003 - 6:50 p.m.


I don't tend to get political, because I view myself as sorely misinformed about almost any given subject and therefore unqualified to venture forth my own spineless little opinion.

There are a few things I do feel strongly about, however. I object to the Death Tax. I support a woman's right to choose. I think folks that are enormously overweight should have to pay for an extra seat, because you know damn good and well the airlines aren't in a hurry to make the seats roomier and more comfortable.

I also believe in the space program. Like most Americans, I'm not in touch with all the different projects that are going on above or below our atmosphere, but I believe that we have benefitted greatly from discoveries that have been made through the space program. I also believe that the exploration of space is nothing less than the noble pursuit of that which is miraculous.

In the aftermath of the tragic flight of the Columbia, the public seems to be suddenly jerking to attention and pointing fingers. Wait just a minute, now. What exactly are we doing with this sending-people-to-space thing? Never mind that I haven't cared in years. Justify it right this instant.

Today's entry by an incredibly popular and funny Diarylander captures exactly what I am hoping most people are NOT thinking, and is the first time I have actually found his journal truly offensive.

I do realize that I'm a piss-poor example of someone who gives a shit, since the only way I actively support any government program is through the bits and pieces of money that go missing from my paycheck, and it's not like I have a choice about that.


It's other, non-current-events-related, and possibly brain-tumor-evidence news - I've got all these snippets from the They Might Be Giants "Fingertips" song medley stuck in my head.

Something grabbed ahold of my hand…I didn't know what had my hand…but that's when all my troubles began.

What's that blue thing..DOing here?

Please pass the milk please. Please pass the milk please.

Hey now everybody now hey now everybody hey now everybody now.

Aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye? Aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye?

Yeah. I'm thinking tumor.


The swonderful and smarvelous Artichoke Heart told me more about the Japanese figure dealie that is going to help me shed some ass padding. She wrote: "the Japanese figures . .those are Daruma-sans. The eye thing, well . . . what you're doing is giving Daruma-san, who has no eyes, one eye to see. And if he helps you with your wish/project, then you promise to give him another eye . . . the logic being that he'll like his first eye so much he'll do pretty much anything to get that other eye.

Yeah, I like that. Go, Daruma-san! Help me rid myself of the blancmange that has taken over my previously benevolent belly! Take away the WIDE LOAD sign from my rear end! As god is my witness, I WILL wear a black miniskirt again! (dramatic music swells)

I checked out a gym next to Workplace today, and am going to go tomorrow and take a class called "Body Pump", at a place called "Prorobics".

Pray for me.

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