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02.02.2003 - 4:23 p.m.


Although I'm very happy JB is home again, may I just issue the online journal equivalent of a short irritated sigh. Emanating from the living room, again, is the tense drumlike music that accompanies Halo, plus the occasional death cry and rapid gunfire.



We had a good day - drove to Snoqualmie Pass in search of snow so I could try out the new snowshoes I bought yesterday at REI. (Yesterday was a very Seattle-ish shopping day for me: I bought new stankum candles from Illuminations, some fake flowers from Pottery Barn, and then on to REI. That's just so…Microsofty).

We found a cool trail that led up a mountain through thick forest terrain, it was beautiful. The best part was Dog plunging everywhere, so incredibly happy and excited. She had us doubled over laughing at her antics when she'd hit thick snow; she would chug through with energetic dolphin leaps, chuffing snow from her nose.

It's so great to be able to take her somewhere where she can run, off the leash. She likes to tear down the trail ahead of us, then come back to check that we're still there, and take off running again. She must have gotten 10 times the exercise we did.

Speaking of dogs, please send good thoughts to Victoria, whose guestbook message (2/2/03) is truly heartbreaking and makes me so grateful for the time I have with Dog.


We found a new sushi place on Friday. And by "found", I mean "finally decided to try the place that we drive by literally 2 times a day every day of our lives." There's a shopping center a few blocks from our house that has a random assortment of crappy little shops - a liquor store, a dead K-mart, a check cashing place - that houses a sushi restaurant named Tuna House. I mean, it might as well be called Sushi Shack or Wasabi Hut, you know?

So I've been reticent to try it out, until it was written up in the Seattle Times recently and hailed as one of the many great sushi joints in town. And Friday night found us sitting at the bar, gobbling raw fish like we were grizzly bears or something. Spicy tuna roll, scallop nigiri, house roll, bottle of sake, salmon nigiri, yellowtail roll, more sake please, etc.

At least if you completely pig out on sushi you don't really feel bad about yourself, unlike, say, pizza.

On a related subject, I'm determined to lose some weight. I've been slowly gaining ever since summertime, when I stopped going on my walks during the work day. I haven't seen the inside of a gym more than a few times in months and months. I stopped going to hot yoga after only a few times. And in the meantime, I keep eating the wonderful but not exactly low cal meals Workplace dishes up twice a day.

When JB was in Japan he told me about these little statues that are shaped like a face with white eyes. You're supposed to color in one of the eyes when you embark upon a project, and keep the statue where you can see it often. When the project is completed, you fill in the other eye.

(Uh, if you know what I'm talking about and I have it all wrong because JB was grievously misinformed, please don't tell me.)

He brought back two of them, one for him and one for me. Last night I took it from its box - it's a few inches tall and sort of weeble-wobble shaped - and looked carefully at it. And I took out a permanent marker and marked in a (vaguely anime) eye.

Here is my goal: to exercise a minimum of three times a week, and curb my eating habits, until I weigh 125 lb.

I'm not what you would call fat, exactly. I don't think. Well, maybe. Maybe "plump" is what I am. I just know I'm out of shape, I have little muscle tone anymore, my clothes don't fit, and I don't like what I see in the mirror.

When I last weighed 125, I was taking kickboxing classes, I was running, and I was pretty pleased with my appearance. I was healthier and, I think, happier.

Getting to 125 is less than a 20 lb weight loss but more than 10 (I'm too chicken to actually commit to my current weight, how fucking pathetic and stupid is that). It won't be easy but it shouldn't be that damn hard.

Okay. So I told you guys. That means I have to achieve this goal, or the little statue-head-weeble thing will haunt me, and I'll have to admit in this journal that I blew it.

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