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01.05.2003 - 5:49 p.m.


Flash! This just in: shamefully reclusive couple Sundry and JB captured on film in the last few moments of 2002. Only E! was there to document a rare instance of the pair appearing in public, wearing something other than jeans.


Sunday, boring Sunday. I'm morosely packing up for the week ahead at Macworld. Q: Can a curvy girl can look good in a drab company-logo-embossed polo shirt? A: Ain't no fucking way. Tuck it in, leave it out, do whatever you want, but the shirt just drapes downward from the hoots section and eliminates any concept of a waistline. These tradeshow shirts are 17-pounders, meaning that's about how much visual weight they add.

Also, no matter how sparingly I try to pack, I always end up with a suitcase groaning at the seams. I really, really tried to economize this time, but there are so many bare necessities.

1) Hair dryer. Yes, I need that. I acknowledge that all hotels provide hair dryers these days, but my hair can instantly sense when it is exposed to a foreign dryer and completely freaks out.

2) Shampoo and conditioner. See above.

3) Giant flat iron. Again with the hair. I have become very very dependant on my flat iron and I would never go anywhere without it, even if it does take up 40 cubic inches of suitcase space.

4) Bag of all the makeup I own. Even though I typically wear only the same 3 makeup items, I always feel compelled to bring everything from the scary green glitter eyeshadow to the waxy dried up too-dark lipstick. Because you never know.

5) Pair of shoes I'm almost positive I won't wear but I bring them anyway. This trip, it's a strappy heeled sandal thing. You never know.

6) 7285 books. Because what if you start reading one thing on the plane and you aren't really into it so you want something else, and what if the something else doesn't really grab you either so you want a new something else, and what if..?

Well, anyway. Wish me luck that all the crap that I shipped to the show actually arrives, so we aren't standing around an empty booth saying things like, "I believe this interpretive dance will give you an accurate picture of what our product can do." See you next week.

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