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12.21.2002 - 3:34 p.m.


I went to the grocery store today and bought pecans and fruit and flour and sugar and candy and all kinds of shit and I felt all excited when I brought everything home, like hey! I'm hosting Christmas, godammit! I'm an ADULT!

JB's parents are arriving tomorrow and will stay through the holiday. I have to *cook* stuff, stuff that can't accidentally suck because do I really want to be the one who made the Christmas dinner that blew goats it was so bad? No I do not. So today I will bake cinnamon bread and make granola and tomorrow I will bake a pecan pie and a blackberry pie and later there will be green beans and yams and rolls and it will all be very Un-Sundry and nothing better burn or taste like ass or poison anyone.

Also, there will be mulled wine.


I've been obsessively listening to Aimee Mann's Lost in Space since I bought it a few weeks ago. Man, that's a great fucking CD. Her voice, her lyrics, everything is flawless.

I've also been listening to a ton of Eminem. I know: today's musical selection brought to you by the Center for Split Personality Disorders!

So baby kiss me like a drug like a respirator
and let me fall into the dream of the astronaut
where I get lost in space that goes on forever
and you make all the rest just an afterthought…


Bitch please
you must have a mental disease
Assume the position
and get back down on your knees

I like variety, is that so wrong?


I got a present for my coworker Molly today. I had been wrestling with whether or not I should get something for her, because we are friends after all, but I didn't want to get something for her if she wasn't going to get something for me, because I didn't want to make her feel awkward or seem somehow pathetic in my gift-offering (clumsily thrusting the present into her reluctant hands, shyly avoiding her face), so I just put it off. And when I showed up for work on Friday, there was a lovely bag on my desk that contained a pretty candleholder with a dragonfly motif and a candle that smelled marvelous, which was very thoughtful on her part because I love and collect dragonfly stuff and there are about 298301932813 candles in my house. So I felt like a humongous asshole.

(Not actually a large, gaping anus - I mean just like a, you know, really bad person.)

Anyway my plan for her present is a hinged thingie with like 6 small photo frames connected together. I'm going to print pictures from her treasure hunt engagement day and have the last photo be of her boyfriend on bended knee and her all crying and looking cute and shit.

I may be a social retard, but I still give good presents, dammit.

Happy happy holidays!

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