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11.16.2002 - 3:15 p.m.


Reason #472 it's fun to be married:

- Cell phone conversation between JB and I yesterday -

JB: I'm on my way home now!
Me: Yay!
JB: Ok see you soon, bye.
Me: Wait! What's the worst job in the world?
JB: Uh - what? I don't know.
Me: Fluffer in a leper colony.
JB: Heh. Heh. What's the difference between acne and a priest?
Me: Errrr. What.
JB: Acne waits until you're 15 to come on your face.
Me: Oho. Ho! That's sick, dude.
JB: You're the one laughing. Sicko.
Me: Heee. Bye, see you soon.
JB: Byee.



Nothing very exciting has happened lately (surprise) so I set out to write about Cat and her uber-evilness, and tell you about a few books I've read lately - but then I was reading Pamie and I realized that would be such a total cliché diary entry. And then I was like, heyyy…my entire JOURNAL is a total cliché.

What can I say? I'm more of a Bandwagon person vs. Early Adopter. It's not MY fault all these talented writers went online years ago and dumped thousands of ones and zeros on the web about their cats and books. I never claimed to be original. I shop at Old Navy, ferchrissake.

Plus, sometimes I write about our DOG. That's, like, progressive.

So anyway, heeeere's the cat…

…in JB's suitcase! Isn't that evil? With the fur on the clothes and all? So. Evil.

And here's the dog!

And here's the horrible mess of leaves we have to tackle this weekend! Fuck!

Fuckity fuck!

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!

Onward to the cliché reading list. Just to shake things up, I will try and describe them in haiku.

Come and Go, Molly Snow, Mary Ann Taylor-Hall

Heartwrenching lyrics
tragic shattering moment
beauty and music

The Bean Trees, Barbara Kingsolver

Bean, corn, peas, carrot
Turtle grips you heavily
written with genius

Suicide Blonde, Darcey Steinke

Bleak nightscape horror
drunken lipstick blowjob tears
gritted haunted girl

Choke, Chuck Palahniuk

Underneath the rock
maggots writhing endlessly
you will laugh at them

What do you MEAN, that's terrible haiku? You, in the back - did you just say the word "hackneyed" while pretending to cough?

Fine. The haiku sucks. You probably already read those books about eighty jillion years ago, anyway. I leave you with The Greatest Cliche Of All:

Oh yeah. The badly Photoshopped self potrait. It can only go downhill from here, folks.

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