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10.12.2002 - 8:06 a.m.


Saturday morning, and JB's left for Asia again. I'm beginning to feel like a military wife, smiling bravely and telling the children to "say bye-bye to Daddy!". And then spending the time alone on such admirable pursuits as knitting, maybe.

Riiight. That's me in a nutshell, except without the kids and substituting knitting for drinking-beer-while-watching-Real-World-marathons.

Speaking of beer, if you're of age, run don't walk to your neighborhood grocery store and troll the beer aisle until you find Pumpkin Beer. It's beer…but it's pumpkin pie - AT THE SAME TIME. This may be just a Northwest thing, and if so, you should probably move out here. It's that good.


Dog chased Cat up a tree yesterday. It's weird, they exist in this symbiotic state of peace in the house, but the instant one sees the other outside, all bets are off. It's pure Dog-vs-Cat, in classic cartoon fashion.

I felt so bad for Cat. She was way the hell up this giant tree in our front yard, with an inflated tail the size of the Titanic. I wondered how she was going to get down, and briefly entertained thoughts of burly firemen, neighborhood shame, but she astounded us by leaping down at angles between the branches like a monkey. She then shot across the street to what we call the Cat Bar & Grill, a clump of bushes that offers respite for the dignity-bruised.

You know, our pets do have actual names, but we mostly call them by our own strange monikers. For instance, Dog is known as:

D.O.G. This came about because we jokingly spelled out the word 'dog' around the cat when we first got her. Yes, that's quite stupid. For some reason, it stuck. A variation on the D.O.G. theme is to sing out, in tune with the G.I. Joe theme song, "D.O.G! Great American hero! D.O.G was theeerrre!"

Hint Of Slug. This one is even harder to explain, but basically we were goofing around, trying to come up with the exact composition of Dog nose. One part rubber, one part slime, etc. JB decided that she had 'just a hint of slug', which sounds so weirdly snobby-restaurant-critic it completely cracked me up. So now, we occasionally say stuff like "Hint Of Slug! Come here, Hint Of Slug! Goooood Hint Of Slug!".

Cat is:

C.A.T. It's just a natural extension of D.O.G, no?

Cacoon. This is pronounced like racoon. It used to be Catcoon, but morphed over time. Where this name came from, nobody knows. And for some reason, it's required to include the word "The" with Cacoon. As in, "Did the Cacoon get breakfast, because man, she is bitching up a storm."

Cattio. When referring to Cat as Cattio, it must be sung with a very bad rhyme. IE, "Cattio, cattio, she's such a fattio, lying there on the mattio, oh Cattioooo!"


So you should visit Weetabix and vote for MY BANNER! Well. Except it's not all that great. And actually, that Shaft banner is pretty cool. So maybe you should vote for that banner.

To my credit, I spent waaaay too much time trying to make Weet's little Tinkerbell fly around the banner, which ended up just looking really stupid, so I finally abandoned that theme and spent about 5 minutes on the graphic I ended up sending in.

(Uh, I'm actually not sure how that IS to my credit, but there you go.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some knitting to attend to.

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