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10.07.2002 - 7:45 p.m.


I am wearing my red boots today. So even if I don't wear them again for 10 years, I will have fulfilled yesterday's prophecy.

I'm wearing all black with the red boots. In a flash of dubious inspiration, I added a wide red bracelet and red mostly-licked-off lipstick. I'm not sure what effect I have managed to conjure.

I claim to seek anonymity, but secretly and desperately cling to the notion of uniqueness.

In my quiet, sad world, I rebel against the forces of darkness.

I wanted to wear my PayLess ghetto boots but had a meltdown this morning when faced with the prospect of trying to create a matching ensemble.

The problem with wearing heels in Workplace is that every floor surface is covered with wood. It's rather charming, really, these beautiful hardwood floors everywhere - but wear any heel taller than .003" and you sound like a Shetland pony tramping around the office. Since almost all of the engineers slither quietly about in their socks, it is I alone whose clopping footsteps announce my every move.

Not that I'm trying to sneak around, or anything. It's just that I could pass on the resounding foot-echoes that let everyone know I'm heading to the bathroom for the 1045th time. Hey, I'm trying to drink more water.

So most of the time I wear flats. I refuse to do the stocking feet thing because 1) I have enough of my own pet hair adhered to the bottom of my feet, thanks, and 2) my office is a mere 20 ft from the snack area, which means that walking anywhere brings the high likelihood of stepping on any number of dropped/spilled/half-chewed food items.

Funny things about the engineers and their socks. First of all, all of their socks seem several inches too long, so the end extends past the toes and sometimes trails alongside the actual foot. Also, right outside my office there is a L-shape where one hallway meets another, and at least a couple of the engineers corner badly, so they sort of screech off to the side as they come around the bend, slipping in their too-long socks.

A few of them have special slippers they keep at work. Kind of like they are preparing for a long international flight. I haven't done this yet, myself. I keep thinking it would be fun to wear some of those giant bear feet slippers. Or maybe a pair of those ridiculously trashy heeled pink things with the marabou - but then we get back to the loudness and the kerclopkerclop and all.


Q. Is this entry actually entirely focused on feet?

A. No. There is hidden subtext and profound metaphors, and someday this entry will be recognized for the literary genius that it is. *cough*

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