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10.06.2002 - 3:40 p.m.


Good grief, I can't believe it's been a whole week since I've updated.

Well…actually…I can.

It's not all that shocking, really.

I'm just lazy. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

So there.


Last week I had a tradeshow to prepare for, and spent the first part of the week in this annoying last-minute-task-mode. Order the handouts, bitch about the posters, request the taller tables, nag about the posters, turn in the sales sheet, remind about the posters, process the credit form, emanate high pitched keening sound about the posters.

Despite the ferchrissake posters not being done in time, it was a pretty good show. Happily, it was here at the Seattle Convention Center, so it was officially the first exhibition I've ever done that didn't involve air travel or endless confusing cab rides.

As per the holy law of tradeshows, I decided we should have festive beverages after the close of the show. Now, I'm used to being at shows with oily, loud salesguys who love pestering the concierge for fun places to go, or better yet, asking the nearest C-cup walking by. Taking charge of the evening's fun, so to speak.

Not so with my little ragtag bunch that had helped staff the booth. I hate the role of entertainment-picker-outer, but it was clearly necessary. One thing about Workplace, the engineers have a very difficult time coming to a group decision about anything.

We settled on Gordon Biersch, with all of its whitebread chain brewery goodness. Our first drink order:

Scott: Smith & Wesson, with rum.
Me: Crown & 7-up.
Brian: Beer.
David: Gin & tonic.
Rick: ...confused.

Several minutes later, after Rick had been coached on what exactly beer was and its various associated flavors, the waitress returned with our drinks, and handed Rick his glass.

Now, if I am to believe his side of the story, the glass then immediately somehow broke in half. If, however, I were to believe my own biased view of what happened, he clumsily dropped it on the table.

Whatever. Beer sprayed everywhere, but mostly on me. My blouse was completely soaked in beer. I gamely mopped up, and then had to endure weak frat-reference jokes for the next half hour. I ordered food for everyone (again, group decision skills missing), and we ordered another round. Second drink order:

Scott: Vanilla Stoli & Coke.
Me: Crown & 7-up.
Brian: Beer.
David: Beer.
Rick: "What are you drinking, Sundry? I'll try that."

Moments after Rick started getting giggly from the unexpected punch of his drink (Crown & 7: not for pussies), David knocked his beer across the table. Everyone was re-soaked. At that point, I called for the check.

Engineers. Can't take them anywhere.

After two days of tradeshow-immersion and aching feet, I took off early on Friday and JB and I and Dog headed out to a place near Leavenworth. We stayed here: (warning: insipid audio), which was lovely lovely lovely indeed. There was Dog romping, weird Bavarian village theme town sightseeing, giant bratwurst eating, hot spiced wine drinking, hot tub soaking, Workplace food reheating, Cape Fear watching, In Style magazine slutting, ginormous Chinook salmon watching, stars observing, Deliverance-like character meeting, and Wenatchee Lake shivering. Nice time.

Today I went to PayLess Shoe Store - ghetto shoe shop of the millenium - and bought two pairs of shoes. One is a pair of heeled red boots which I could not resist and predict wearing exactly once in the next decade. The other is a knockoff of some expensive-ass designer casual shoe, the original of which my officemate Molly just bought two pairs of recently, so I will probably look like a big cheap copy dork. I don't care, though. I may not be original, but I'm frugal, goddamit.

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