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09.16.2002 - 8:49 p.m.


It definitely feels like fall today. When I got up, it was dark and dreary and grey and rainy and there’s leaves all over the place and ARGGH I am just not ready for this yet.

I had a pretty good weekend, considering I was all on my lonesome. Ran around on Saturday spending money, because that is an activity I always enjoy. Later, in an obsessive fervor, I repotted all of my houseplants. No one can say I don’t know how to party!

Sunday I had my hair done. Vanessa the Very Serious Hairdresser painstakenly foiled many different hues of goodness into my root-tastic tresses. She also gave me a haircut I am feeling insecure about. She spent hours creating all these edgy textured Meg Ryanesque layers, and either it looks pretty cool or I look like I’ve been attacked by a weedeater. I’m just not sure yet.

And for Sunday evening, I holed up on the sofa and watched like 4 episodes of Maternity Ward, back to back. That show completely freaks me out, but I’m totally addicted to it. It’s like if I turn on the Discovery Channel and they’re doing some horrible show about tarantulas – I can’t change the channel. God, the sheer goopiness of chilbirth. The wailing, the pushing, the spurting liquids!

This morning I woke up with the dog snuggled warmly on the left side of me, and the cat curled on the right side of me. I just lay there for a while in total comfort, occasionally stroking a velvety ear or cupping a purring head. All was peace. Then the dog got randomly active and starting nosing me. Then she started licking her lips. And then she started making a gu-glurt, gu-glurt sound.

Barf Alert! Code Red! I leaped out of bed and ran down the hall, calling her. She gamely followed, gu-glurting away. I practically broke my wrist yanking open the door, and she raced outside before delivering her hurlage. Good dog, I said feelingly. A mound of dog yarp on the bed was not how I wanted to start my day.

Oh, then a few minutes later she ate it. The barf, I mean. Bet you’re glad I told you that.

So today I’ve been watching my email like a, like a something that watches email, waiting for our very first retail order from Big Honkin Software Retailer.

For Workplace, it’s been a long hard road trying to break into retail. There’s the whole business of having to package your software. There’s the retailers who won’t talk to you unless you’re carried by Big Distributor, who won’t talk to you because you haven’t made enough sales and also because your astrological sign does not match theirs.

Getting picked up by Big Honkin Software Retailer is a very big deal for us. It signifies the beginning of something, the start of our boxes sitting on shelves across the country. It’s also really scary because BHSR is an 800-pound gorilla who can basically demand that we bend over and take it up the old tan track when it comes to actually getting paid.

I was told that the order would be coming in this week, and it was strongly suggested to me that we have 1000 boxes of each product ready to ship. So it’s been utter madness the last few days, rush-ordering more Cds and version stickers and barcode stickers and whatnot. The “fulfillment company” we use (two guys operating out of their house) have filled their entire living room with boxes.

WILL Workplace experience a rollicking wave of retail SUCCESS? OR will Workplace lose its proverbial shirt and LEAVE Sundry once again unemployed? Only TIME will tell.

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