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09.02.2002 - 5:32 p.m.


Labor Day weekend, and we didn't go anywhere. We came up with all kinds of initial plans, like backpacking near Eugene, kayaking in the San Juans, and lounging at JB's family cabin on the Umpqua river - but ultimately discarded everything for fear of traffic.

Driving back into Seattle after a 3 day weekend? Not worth it. Whatever pleasant memory of the activity you had done over the previous couple of days is guaranteed to be driven screaming from your brain, to be replaced with the sheer monotonous hell that is driving .00002 MPH on I-5.

Instead, we drank deep from the cup of domesticity. We relished our roles as homeowners. We embraced fully our lack of social lives, and plunged into the sea of suburban existence!

(Did I succeed in making our boring-ness sound a little…titillating? I mean, I used italics and everything.)

Since moving to Bellevue, we have been on a search to find a restaurant with 'atmosphere'. I mean, preferably the food shouldn't taste like ass-on-a-stick either, but the main thing I miss about being close to downtown is the lack of interesting places to eat. We ended up finding a sushi place on that sounded good, but it was in a strip mall and looked exactly like a Denny's with Asian décor.

We ate there anyway, and it was good. Not great sushi, but good sushi. We always always get sake and beer with our sushi, because it tastes fabulous and you know, gets you drunk. This time we drank our sake out of small wooden boxes. I haven't researched the reason for this, I guess it's supposed to make the sake taste better. Anyway, it was really hard to drink without spilling the contents over the side of your face - and the more you drank, the harder it got.
Before we headed to the restaurant, we swung by Home Depot to pick up paint and painting supplies. Because on…

we painted our guest bedroom Summer Lily. It's a shade between yellow and orange, which maybe sounds revolting to you, but take my word for it, it's neat.

I had never painted anything other than those paint-by-numbers watercolor books, and that was Lo These Many Moons Ago, but really, as long as you stay on the surface you are supposed to be on, there's not that much to it. Just roll, roll, roll, yawn, roll. We eventually had enough paint droplets on the dropcloths that maneuvering around the room required a complicated step involving crossed-over feet, like we were competing for top score on Dance Dance Revolution.

When the whole thing was done, we proclaimed it Groovy and headed out to Marymoor park in Redmond. It's one of two big local parks that has an off-leash dog area where Dog can race around after the frisbee. Dog is totally complacent 99% of the time, but get the frisbee out and it's like some switch gets flipped in her brain - from normal to crackerdog.

The dog park is really fun if you, you know, enjoy dogs. If you maybe had some kind of horrible dog phobia it would definitely Not Be Fun At All. It's neat to see all the disparate breeds together, like a Great Dane lallomping along with a long-haired Dachsund. I laughed myself silly over this group of four Shelties that were trying to get into the water to play with the other dogs, but would panic once the water started to soak their silky hair. They ran around yapping at full volume, careening off each other and skittering over the rocks with their little dainty feet - they just looked so overly fancy and out of place among the plunging Labs and Golden Retrievers.

Sunday was the day of the great hunt. Adding a coat of bright paint in the guestroom apparently triggered some Trading Spaces type decorating urge in us, so we junked the crappy bookcase that was hogging half the room and went out to look for a better one. We went to a decent furniture place that had a very attractive bookcase set for an affordable price.

Oh, but if we actually wanted to BUY it, we would have to order it. Which would take "3 to 5 weeks". And then we would have to pick it up in Woodinville. Which I know is not exactly Mars but we wanted a bookcase todaygoddammit, not some nebulous future date that would require TRAVEL.

Then we went to an unfinished furniture store, where everything looked like it had been designed by a plodding, untalented high school shop class, and was way overpriced to boot.

So we dropped all pretense of finding something 'unique' or 'made from quality materials' and headed to Ikea.

Just an FYI - Ikea, during Labor Day weekend? A complete and total fucking madhouse.

Anyway, we found a great bookshelf that has a couple big drawers built in - perfect for a guestroom that previously had no place to store guests' clothing. We also walked away with an enormous framed colorful print, which because it's from, um, IKEA, and not Sotheby's, is likely to be found in college student dorms across the country. It's art sold by square inch, but whatever.

The guestroom, with the sunset walls and the new bookcase, and the lovely chair repurposed from another room, and the big colorful print, and the new dimmer switch lighting, is…FABULOUS.

And what have I done with myself today? Not a whole lot, really. I weeded the evil expanse of hell that is the stretch of bark chips on our front lawn. I planted our window boxes. JB put a whole bunch of stuff on the lawn that is supposed to help it seed that looks exactly like green dryer lint. The dog make a startling barf-gag sound apropos of nothing and I panicked and made JB haul her outside and she stared at us like WE were the ones with the problem. It's raining now and we have a fire going. I bought stuff for a stir-fry tonight. We have a bottle of Merlot from a vineyard run by someone JB knows at his work that we plan to drink.

And thus, the long weekend sputters and hisses its way to an end, and tomorrow I have to go back to work, where I am having MAJOR ISSUES, but I'll tell you about that another time.

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