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07.11.02 -


This finger thing is bugging the holy crapola out of me. I still can't type with it because it's sensitive as hell. Also, I managed to bang it again yesterday while packing up some boxes to ship, which caused me to curl up in a fetal position and pray for death.

Well, it smarted, ok?

I've been scurrying around the office the last couple days boxing up all kinds of crap to send off to next week's Tradeshow From Hell. TFH is in New York and we have to get everything there ahead of time - hence the shipping madness.

It's weird, the flurry of unusual activity and the chaotic appearance of boxes everywhere seems to somehow stir up the engineers, the way alcohol tends to stir up a party. It's like wads of non-logic have been introduced into their atmosphere, and it makes them downright squealy.


So while we were gone last week, I boarded the Cat. I know. I felt awful about it, but we don't really know our neighbors well enough to ask them to check on her, and I didn't want to leave her outdoors the whole time anyway. Anyway, when I picked her up from the vet's - whoah, daddy. We are talking some major Cat Vocalizing. She actually gave me a headache on the 5-minute drive home, by reaching volumes previously unheard of. I don't even think she inhaled the entire time.

For the next couple days, we were showered with major love. She rubbed on us. Purred. Rolled around on the floor. Yowled happily at our every movement. She practically grovelled at our feet: "Please, kind masters, do not send me back to the Cat Purgatory."

It all came to a crashing end when our electrician showed up briefly on Tuesday evening. With his dog. Who immediately chased Cat along our fence. And as she desperately scrabbled for balance while galumping along, I - shamefully - laughed at her. Long and loud. I couldn't help it! She looked so fucking hilarious, practically pinwheeling her little legs as she went along.

Cats don't forget this kind of thing, let me tell you. When she finally came home later in the evening, she shot me a dripping, baleful glance before flouncing to her food bowl. The effect was diminished somewhat by the lack of kibble, though (angry kibble-munching is a favorite of hers).

Speaking of kibble, JB stopped by the vet to buy more of the miraculous diet cat food, and learned that she is supposed to be getting only a quarter cup of food a day. So he cut down a plastic cup to this size to use as a scoop. Cat is dismayed by this turn of events, and gives her bowl a lingering, mournful glance in the morning before digging in.

She's lost a POUND, though. That's like the equivalent of me, let's see...I don't know, like *10* pounds or something. Maybe I should be eating that kibble too. But, it's probably made of ground-up pig snouts or some shit.


Have you ever worked with someone NEVER got their work done on time? I'm working with someone like that lately, and it's annoying as hell.

The nice thing about my job is that there is no corporate environment, office hours/attire, or middle management. The sucky thing is that there is also no accountability, performance expectations, or empowerment. I mean, in most companies you would get reamed out for not doing your job - here, no one can work up the nerve to say anything negative. Which is really frustrating for those of us who have to depend on others to complete projects, and are consistently met with delays.

I don't understand people who don't pull their own weight in a company. If I personally impeded someone else's ability to do their job, I would feel like a big greasy dog turd. And as you can probably surmise, that is not a nice feeling. I'm not saying I'm some big overachiever and that I never fuck up - just that getting stuff done at this company is NOT brain surgery, and there's really no excuse for slacking.

Ending grump

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