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06.19.2002 - 7:28 p.m.


The other day I discovered Uwajimaya, a truly wonderful Asian market near our house. I bought all sorts of sushi things: rice cooker, flying fish roe, nori, wasabi paste. And so we made our first sushi rolls, using smoked salmon and cucumber and radish sprouts. Yum!


We have had these baby birds living in a nook of our carport ceiling. It seemed like just out of the blue one day there was all this reep reep reep noise and Mama Bird constantly flying in and out with food handouts. They would go all crazy if JB or I walked in the carport - reep!reep!reep! - and we would call out "Oh sorry! We have no worms!". Then yesterday JB said he came home, walked through the carport, and noticed there were 5 birdlets out on the lawn nearby. Now when you listen to the nest you can only hear one lonely reep coming out. One little bird left, waiting to conjure up the nerve to go out into the world.


An electrician came out to our house two days in a row to do some work. His name is Thomas. He brought his dog, a Jack Rusell named Sparky. Sparky is a ball of fun who would chase tennis balls endlessly, and I threw balls until my arm ached and Sparky's tongue looked about a hundred feet long.

I ended up talking with Thomas the second day. We chatted about yardwork and building add-ons and how expensive everything could be. He mentioned having some medical bills that kept him from doing some home upgrades. I asked if he had been in an accident. He said no, he had been battling cancer. Lymphoma. He had gone through chemotherapy and radiation treatments just a year prior.

"Finally getting my hair back," he said ruefully, touching his head. It was then that I realized he wasn't a older man who was losing his hair, he was a young man whose hair had been lost by chemicals. We talked about his treatments, and how Sparky had come to mean so much to him. "He's all I've got".

Thomas had to work through the whole ordeal because his insurance wouldn't cover everything. "Well, you just have to work with the cards you've been dealt." He said he was really looking forward to having a good summer. He's going to stay on Orcas Island for a week. He's started getting into photography. "To make the moments last longer."

I hope they do. I hope he has the best summer ever. And if you need any electrical work done in Seattle, you let me know, because he did a great fucking job.


JB's brother Joe and JB's friend Keith are coming to stay with us this weekend. The reason for the visit is so the guys can all go scuba diving together, but I'm ridiculously excited to show off the house. I mean, there is an actual guest room. In the morning everyone can shower in comfort instead of trying to share a tablespoon of hot water. And JB can show off his new Bose speakers ("they go up to 11.")


The networks are really scraping the bottom of the barrel lately, haven't they? Dog Eat Dog? American Idol? Holy crap.


My office mate sometimes emails me snarky little comments when she doesn't want someone to overhear.

On Wednesday, June 19, 2002, at 12:50 PM, [Sundry's office-mate] wrote:

Can you see the bleach marks all over his pants? I wonder how he gets in them. I have never heard of anything like a pants-horn.


I've been trying to do the jogging thing on a regular basis. (I'm dissatisfied with my midsection, you see. My arms and legs are strong and have muscle tone, but my...thorax is like Pillsbury dough. It seems like if I were to radically improve my shape, the muscle-y parts of my body would creep ever inward, leaving just a tiny band of blubber before - blip! - it disappeared.) I lug a gym bag to and from work, and some days I actually do put on my gear and hit the trail.

The other day I decided to jog in my neighborhood. Happily, there's lots of parks and things in the area (actually, there is a wonderful trail system throughout Bellevue that links each park all the way from Lake Sammamish to Lake Washington), lots of places to get away from traffic.

I was kerhuffing along and found myself heading down a hill. As the grade got steeper I started gradually picking up speed. Soon I was just flying along, taking these great ridiculous leaping strides. My feet seemed to barely graze the ground, my arms flapped alarmingly. Little white fluffs filled the air from nearby trees, and I ran through what seemed like hundreds of tiny clouds. I felt about 5. It was amazing.

I wish running always felt that good.

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