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05.25.2002 - 4:19 p.m.


I'm all hot and dirty. And not in the good way. It's a muggy grey day in Seattle, and we've packed up almost every loose damn end we've got. We spent some time stuffing JB's rig full of miscellaneous crap, to take over to -

THE NEW HOUSE (when you view these words please always mentally insert some sort of angelic chorus or possibly if it's more your flavor an insistent pounding techno type noise)

- later today, because technically the sellers have to be out of the house by 5 PM. We are going to rush right over and just sort of walk around and touch things and whisper "ours".



We got the key earlier this afternoon. It's a..small brass colored piece of metal. It is not a thing of rare beauty. It, presumably, does not unlock anything that holds hidden treasures, nor does it give the holder super powers.

But oh, the key. How it sang! Somehow emanated little beams of light!

Right now we're sitting around all itchy. We want to barge right over, demanding that the previous owners, who clearly are not the TRUE owners, the owners MEANT to live in the house, vacate immediately and take their little moving van with them.

So we can start getting our LIVE-ON, you know? Start spreading little spores of us-ness everywhere. Let the cat prowl into every little nook and cranny and probably disappear under a bed for a week. Or worse, glarp up a cat-ralph right on the new floor holy balls what did she eat?


Last night we did our little summer weekend routine of walking through whatever kookiness is going on at the Seattle Center (Folklife Festival; Kook Factor = 11), then having a drink at 10 Mercer. We wanted to do this one last time before we're all settled in -


Seriously, I will knock that right the fuck off.

Anyway, we're sitting at 10, and JB tells me there is a guy directly behind me who is on "some science show". Now, I wasn't all that curious, because frankly I could not fathom what JB's idea of Some Science Show might have been. He kept insisting I should look, so I finally craned my head around to see - Bill Nye The Science Guy!

He had this entourage of chicks, who were literally hanging on his every word. It must have been tough, because when I strained to overhear, he was blathering about electrons and camera gels. He was clearly the entertainer at the table, and when we pestered the bartender we learned he came in fairly often - always with a little crowd of women.

Rock on with your scientific self, Bill.


All right. We're heading out soon. Happy Long Weekend, and all.

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