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05.19.2002 - 9:28 a.m.


The thing about writing a new diary entry after several days of not doing so, is that it really seems as if you should have many exciting experiences to recap and profound little nuggets of wisdom to disperse.

Um. I saw "Spiderman". And uhhh...floss!

This weekend was designated as The Weekend Of Packing, but we didn't get boxes until late yesterday afternoon. And by that time, the weather had cleared up and it was so heartbreakingly beautiful outside, it was literally a crime against nature to spend time in the stuffy apartment packing. So we drove out to Shilshole beach with our handy Grill2Go and sat out in the sun eating hotdogs, drinking beer, and watching children flying kites.

So today is now the Sunday Of Packing. Of course JB isn't around, he's off doing a dive trip this morning. I think I got suckered somehow.

It's really weird to think this is the last weekend we will spend in this apartment. It hardly seems real. What DOES seem real, however, are the forty different construction machines right outside that have been tearing up the road the last week. All weekend long, too. Feel like sleeping in past 8? Forget it. Want to enjoy one fucking moment of peace? So sorry, how about a nice insanely loud pounding-and-scraping sound instead.

We've been spending the weekend saying "one.more.week" through gritted teeth - whether from the construction hell, or from huffing up 5 flights of stairs carrying the stuff we took to the beach, or from the cat whining at the balcony door to go outside.

O Cat, soon you will be free to run outside! To chase birds! To prowl in the garden! To take big stinking craps that I don't have to scoop!

I never let her out on the balcony if I'm not out there, because one of the first weeks I moved in here I did. Thought she would be just fine. Then I peered out and didn't see her. My heart in my throat, I looked around the corner - and there she was, balanced on the top of the railing. It's like 1.5" wide. And it's 5 flights down to the concrete sidewalk. She hears me and turns around to face me, meowing hello. I mean, I know cats have good balance, but this is a lardacious cat who does an extremely ungainly scramble to get up on the windowsill, which is like a foot wide. Anyway, I basically snatched her up and held her way too hard and got a little teary and I've been way paranoid about that sort of thing ever happening again.

And speaking of the cat (for a change. *cough*), the other day we were joking around and JB did this doodle:

Me: Omigod. That is the worst drawing I've ever seen. Is she running?
JB: No, it's just - see, she's laying down.
Me: Wha? So what is with the feet?
JB: Those are paws.
Me: It's like a hot dog or something. With big gay feet.
JB: She stretches out when she's lying down. Duh.
Me: Ok. What. Is. With. The. Head?
JB: That's the only way I can draw heads.
Me: Like a…shark?
JB: What do you mean, shark. It's clearly the cat.
Me: Riiiight. And the WEIRD BUTTHOLE?
JB: It's a butthole. What more can I say?

And here's mine:

JB: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! You can't draw feet either!
Me: At least I didn't give her clown feet.
JB: I'll admit you captured the fat a little better.
Me: Yeah, Hot Dog Boy.
JB: Nice ears, though. Her ears are totally not that small.
Me: I'll take the hit. See, I'm all gracious and stuff.
JB: And the neck? Is that a goiter or something?
Me: She happens to have a chubby neck.
JB: Whatever, Picasso. Also you forgot the butthole.
Me: You and the butthole.

The actual cat:

I mean, clearly I drew the superior cat doodle.

Uh, go me.

All right. Back to the packing and the tape-gunning and the glasses-wrapping and the black-fingers-getting from the newspaper-inking. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Even you "bankgok blow job bars" google freaks.

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