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05.13.02 -


(in Shatner voice)

I. Am. SO. Lame. So! Lame! Haven't. Made. Entry. Lately.

(ending Shatner voice...NOW)

Yeah, I've been sucking major dong on the journal updating front. (Heh. Major Dong. Forecasted google hit.) It was far too lovely a weekend to spend any time at the computer, though, let me tell you. I have a SUNBURN and everything. Which is my new gold standard for a truly great weekend - replacing "deathly hangover".


JB and I spent Saturday morning driving out to Issaquah to find some house that has this PVC type roofing that JB is considering for the house. (If you are wondering how exciting it is to learn about various types of roofing, including metal roofs, torchdown, and PVC, let me tell you: not very.) After that ragin' party, we headed over to Home Depot in Bellevue, along with half the state of Washington, apparently.


We have moved with an audible click into the "home owner" demographic, which means "Trading Spaces" is suddenly fascinating, rather than mildly boring. And Home Depot - well, it's like the mother ship. Once we entered the building we saw literally four hundred things we needed to buy for the house like I was all raving about oak cabinetry and Kohler bathroom fixtures and JB saw these honkin lawnmowers and started speaking in tongues.

We managed to escape with our wallets unmolested. THIS TIME.

It was sunny and warm all damn weekend long, for a change. It kept us motivated to get out and enjoy it while it was around, sitting inside for any length of time made me all itchy and restless. "It's going to rain any second now! Fuck, we have to get out of here - GO GO GO!"

On Sunday we rented a double kayak and tooled around Lake Union, which was not only super fun but also very good exercise for the arms, judging by my aching muscles today. I'm all about multitasking, oh yeah. After that we headed out to Discovery Park for a little hiking around - along with all the people that had been at Home Depot the day before. Everyone had that Seattle Sunny Day look, sort of a half dazed loopy grin.

A great weekend. Really.

We've slowly started packing up bits and pieces of our house. What I can't believe is that we move in, like, 2 FUCKING WEEKS. I guess we'll need to put in some time each day after work, in order to get everything done. Laa-aaame.

So I was going through my desk, and I ran across this kooky letter I wrote/drew years back, and for some reason, never sent. I wrote it when I was working at Kinko's, every person referenced in it also was a Kinko's employee.

Can you believe I wasn't recruited by Marvel or Dark Horse Comics or something? Yyyyyeahhhh.



05.08.2002 - Except for all the HOT WET TEEN ASIAN PORN action, that is.

05.06.2002 - It was like this: "Ba-RUP! Pup! Pup! Pup! Pup! Pup! Pupupupupupupupupfffuufffffffff".

05.02.2002 - So anyway, it's been a year and I'm just staggered by the passage of time, once more.

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