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04.25.2002 - 7:46 p.m.

My my, how the days seem to fly by lately. Especially when you're doing insanely productive stuff like searching for an icon to represent your last name. That's what I spent a shameful amount of time this morning doing.

See, in our office email system, you can drop a little .tiff file into the network and it will show up in your messages. Everyone has got one that either cleverly represents their name, or is just indicative of their personality somehow. I wanted to be cool too, so I started trying to find a little graphical sundry icon. It was hard, folks. I ended up with a design that features a razor blade - which sounds profoundly lame, I know. It has something to do with my last name, though. Really.

But NORMALLY I'm all slaving away. Getting jiggy with it, marketingwise. Although sometimes I slide into this weird chasing-my-tail state where I think of something I need to research online so I launch a browser and start looking and then I think of something else I should look for and I type in a different thing and then I get all annoyed with the display and start frigging with the preferences and then oh shit it's noon already.

So far, my favorite office characters are the Engineer Goby fish. There's two of these guys, on either side of the big saltwater aquarium in the 'lobby' area. The gobies spend their time peeping out from the coral, and act startled if you stop in front of the tank. They have what I interpret as comically paranoid expressions, as if they are always being caught doing something they shouldn't, like rooting in their noses or something. ("Whoah! Uhhhh....I was just scratching my nose", the goby would say, if it could talk. )

There are other fun things in the tank, too, like the Giant Turd. It's supposed to be a sea slug or something, but I'm telling you - TURD. Big yucky turd with weird feeler thingies.

I told you that there are two office cats, right? If those cats had half the personality of my own Evil Sumo Cat, there would be hijinks galore. But unfortunately, they do not. One is rarely seen because she hangs out in her owner's office preening and boning up on her shedding skills. She's the equivalent of a vacant trophy wife - lovely but brainless. The other one only occasionally comes by, but she's such a big chicken if you even breath too loud she takes off running. She also has a horribly whiny meow - like eeeewwwwwwwwooOOOOWWWWW? - that makes you want to huck a stapler at her or something.

Not that I would. I'm just saying, the cats are boring. Even the Giant Turd is cooler.

So every day, I've been lugging a bag to and from work that contains shorts, a tshirt, sweatshirt, running shoes, deodorant, and hairbrush. I have this intent, on a daily basis, of getting some exercise on the famous Burke-Gilman trail, which is right next to the office. And every day, I don't do it. I get bogged with work, or it looks too rainy out, or somefreakinthing. So not only are the cats lame, but I am also, in addition to them, LAME.

Not only am I lame for not Just Doing It, but the other day as I was getting ready for work I realized I had left the bag - with hairbrush and deodorant - in my car. Which was parked 19 blocks away, as usual. I had to use the cat comb (yeah, I washed it) to dry my hair, which freaked out so completely I had the Worst Hair Day Ever. Plus I had to use JB's deodorant, which was just...wrong, somehow. It smelled weird and clashed heavily with my girly Opium stankum.

And that's what's been going on at work - goby-staring and jogging-avoiding. Here's the real news: we officially got the house. Officially in the sense that we the buyers and They the sellers have agreed on everything. They have agreed to pay up for the new roof, and that's all that we were waiting on. So. DAMN!!! We move in one month! Whoo hoo!

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