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04.21.2002 - 4:40 p.m.


6 Things That Have Nothing To Do With Anything

1. One of the first real shows I ever went to was the Pixies, and I watched openmouthed and bedazzled as Kim Deal just generally ruled the whole entire universe up on that stage.. When she sang, it was all breathy and high pitched and little-girly, despite the fact at one point she smoked a whole cigarette in TWO DRAGS.

Girl rock singers are just so awesome. Remember the Bangles? I used to think the epitome of all that was sexy and cool was that one chick's expression (eyes sort of rolled sideways) when she sang "Walk like an egyp-tiannnnnn". All feminine and tough and seductive and rock star-y.

Juliana Hatfield, Aimee Mann, Veruca Salt, Belly, Nina Gordon, Sheryl Crow, and The Breeders are all A-OK in my book. Have I missed anyone cool that's cropped up lately? Seems like I never hear new music, other than the drek on the radio.


2. Sometimes I am blown away by the sheer magnitude of forgetfulness that can embrace me. All morning I planned to go to the store, pick up some things, and get $10 back in quarters for the laundry. Quarters, I chanted to myself as I drove to the store, don't forget the fucking quarters. Quarters, I reminded myself as I waited in the checkout line. So of course I remembered to ask for them as soon as I left the parking lot.

This explains why, if you were in my apartment 10 minutes ago, you would have seen me scraping a hunk of fossilized gum from a quarter I found on the sidewalk.


3. The other day I received a parking ticket for "blocking an unmarked crosswalk". I was filled with righteous anger at the time, because I could not figure out how I was violating any parking law. I parked along the curve of the street, well ahead of the crosswalk ramp thingy on the sidewalk. Apparently there is also a crosswalk on the other side of the street, that is unmarked. Unmarked - ergo, it's NOT THERE. Right? I took a picture of another car that was parked in the exact same place to prove my innocence. Now I have to show up in some sort of Parking Court this week, clutching my photo, whining about injustice.

what do you think? do I have a case?

I probably should just pay the fucking thing.


4. I'm not reading as much lately. While unemployed I was tearing through several books a week. Now I'm reading in bits and snatches, like while blow drying my hair or right before bed. I just finished The Last Picture Show, which was funny and bleak at the same time. Before that it was Memoirs of a Geisha (great), and Steve Martin's Shopgirl (blah). Next I'll try the Stephen King-Peter Straub collaboration Black House, which will probably be nowhere near as good as The Talisman.


5. So the cat has become really annoying in the morning. If her little breakfast routine is altered in any way - like, say, you try and sleep in on a weekend - she loses it completely. There is yowling. And caterwauling. And wet nose-nudging and sheets-clawing.

This morning I about killed her, because I just wanted to sleep a few more minutes DAMMIT. And she was already on my shit list for waking me up in the middle of the night with a Mystery Barf. That's when you wake up to the sounds of "Hurp. Hurp. HURP!", mumble "great...that's just great" to yourself as you stumble blearily to the kitchen, return armed with Resolve Carpet Cleaner, turn on the light - and Lo! There is no barf! It is a Mystery!


6: 12 Percent Beer! Rules!

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