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03.29.2002 - 10:00 a.m.

I used to work downtown. I rode the same buses, the 18 and the 15, to and from work everyday. Sometimes in warm weather I would walk home, but because I am a lazy slut (and prone to wearing heels) that didn't happen too often. It's about a 10-15 minute bus ride is ALWAYS filled with more bizarre characters than your average David Lynch film.

There's the enormously fat women dragging a huge suitcase, taking up 129 seats, there's the disheveled drunken guys yelling about how we 'oughta just bomb those fuckers', there's the wanna-be gangsta kids with the seat of their pants dragging along the floor, there's the stony-faced bus driver who loves to slam the brakes and send everyone crashing into each other. It's always like a cast from a particularly putrid Saturday Night Live skit.

So I took the bus home after lunch (journal-writers get together with Peaches, Feng, and Haze) Wednesday. My standard bus M.O. used to include projecting a strong psychic vibe that insinuated I was incapable of speech or comprehension, but I seem to have lost the knack. I ended up sitting next to an odorous fellow with maybe 7 teeth that immediately launched into a chatty dialogue with me.

"Whatcha got in there, yer mother in law?" Pointing to my backpack.
"Um, no."
"But that made you laugh, huh?"
(Silence. Thousand-yard stare deployed.)
"You shpeak English?"
"BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You think I'm cute, don't you?"
"Yeah, but I bet I made you laugh, huh?"
"Yep..that was a good one." (desperately craning head to find new seat)
"Hey, you can be nice to me. I did my good deed for the day."
"That's nice."
"I'm a boy shcout! (mad chortles) Are you a girl shcout?"
(Silence. Vibe-projection.)
"Do you shell COOKIESH??? (digging elbow into me, stale beer fumes wafting about)

You know when you're stuck next to a complete circus freak on a bus and you start getting all these Sympathy Glances from the other people and the freak is bugging the HELL out of you and you want to stand up and swing your backpack full of 67 library books above your head in a big circle and make a big huge noise like "WAAAAAAAAAAHH!" Yeah, that's how it was.


So I didn't update yesterday, because I went to the gym, then I had this really long interview, and then an old friend of JB's came to visit. This guy is from Holland and he's spending a year traveling the world. He stays in hostels, and spends a few days in various places doing odd jobs. He worked as a deck hand on a boat that sailed from Morocco to the West Indies, he did construction work in Miami, he even did some dental assistant work in Mexico (note: do NOT get dental work in Mexico). Today he's leaving for New Zealand - from there he goes to Bangkok, then plans to ride a motorcycle from Vietnam to China, then fly to Beijing, then travel by train to Moscow.

I hate this guy! Don't you? Let's all just take a moment and wallow in jealous hatred.

"But - wait," you say. "Did you just mention something about an interview? Is it possible Sundry's long arid unemployment could end? MY GOD!!"

Or maybe you don't say that. Anywhoo, I did have a lengthy interview for a marketing job. It's with a really small company that makes cool Mac software, has cats running around the offices, and offers crazy perks like maid service. The job itself has some potentially exciting opportunities. Drawback? The pay is very poopy.

So. Poopy Pay vs. Possibly Rewarding Job. I'm leaning towards Rewarding Job. But…MAN, I am sick of being fucked in the goat ass, budgetarily speaking.

I'll stew on it over the weekend. We're heading down to Oregon today, to spend time with JB's family. Easter dinner and all that happy crappy. We'll spend the night in Eugene tonight with our friends who have a HOT TUB - whoo hoo!

Have a splendiferous weekend. Spend some quality time here.

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