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2002-03-04 - 12:22 p.m.

JB left yesterday on a business trip. For two weeks. To Malaysia, Thailand, and China. This will be the longest trip he's taken, and the most varied in travel agenda.

I can't image a more disparate two weeks that a couple can have. Exotic Asia locales vs. the couch at casa de Sundry. It's hard when he goes away, especially since I've been out of work. I get tired of my own self at times. Oh, I think, passing a mirror, it's you again.

With JB gone the days are much as they always are, unremarkable stretches of sometimes boring tasks, time-stealing bits of things to do. At night, though, the house feels oppressively quiet. My attention span dwindles to zero and I oscillate between reading, the computer, the television - everything on TV seeming more garish and frantic than usual - ready to crawl into bed by 9 PM.

I think it's an acquired skill, being content with only yourself for company. I used to be good at it. I spent years living by myself, pleased by the fact that I could do whatever I chose in my own personal space. I liked my own little rituals, my own ruminations.

It's different now, though. I've grown used to having someone around. Someone to whom you can share your thoughts, your triumphs and failures. Someone who can join you in a silly song about the cat. Someone whose body curves against you in bed and makes you feel safe.

Someone who helps fill the time, in the nicest way possible.

Time is something I've got a lot of, lately. Time that I can't help but wish would pass by more quickly, so I could get to the better stuff, already. To that great job. The new house. The goddamn lawnmower in the garage, the dog in the yard.

I feel, sometimes, like my days go by and instead of existing as the past - simply disappear, banished by my own command.

Except for the fun things I do with JB, or friends, or family. Does it ever seem as though something is not really experienced without someone there to share it with you? Or someone to tell, later?

I'm thinking this is another why in my list of reasons I'm keeping this journal. Because, and I am trying not to sound hackneyed, time is too valuable to disappear.

There are things I need to relearn, and things I need to change.


JB is in Singapore today. It seems a place millions of miles from here. And yet when he called this morning, his voice was as clear as if he were in the next room. While I suppose that says something nice about ATT, what it made me think was that loneliness - like everything is - is subjective.

Changed by a voice. Changed by an email, a photo, a fleeting thought. By nothing more than a new moment, different from the last.


PS: I promise to write something funny tomorrow.

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