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2002-02-12 - 1:54 p.m.

I burnt the holy living bejezus out of my tongue last night. Don't you just freaking hate that? It's all because of this weird-ass tea that JB likes, called Babaocha. It's a mixture of dried berries and flowers and herbs and probably deer poop that is served in most of the restaurants he goes to in China. JB digs it so much that on his last trip, he asked a guy to ship him three bags of the stuff. (Which incidentally arrived yesterday in a box that sort of cracked me up - the guy had written "Food" under the Contents area, then had scratched that out and wrote "Mouse". Whuh?) The result of our wanton tea-making - a raspy tongue, and a kitchen full of leaves and crap.

Oh yeah, it was a wild night at the Sundry household. WHOOOOOOO.


JB is gearing up for a big hike this weekend. He and some buddies are going to hike up to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier, about a 5 hour trek. Uphill. Waayyyyy uphill. And then they will camp overnight in this little stone shelter where it will be like a billion degrees below zero. Blah. No thanks. Not that I'm not outdoorsy. Cause I am. Seriously. Here's a picture of me outdoors. See? I even had to climb up a really, REALLY big hill on that trip.

I just don't like to deal with massive amounts of discomfort if I can help it. JB and I camped in the snow once and I thought I was going to DIE in the morning, I was so cold. Also, being freezing all night made me have to get up and pee like 9284102 times. Which was no fun with the snow and the dark and the squatting and the possible Yetis and all.

JB did this Muir hike last year with a friend. He was super cold, badly dehydrated, and forgot sunscreen so he got the worst sunburn I have ever seen in my life - he looked like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. No shit. But now he's all like "Rad! Totally can't wait for this weekend! Also I have the memory of a guppy!" I don't know, maybe it's a guy thing.


What zoo animal are you? I'm aPoison Dart Frog.
'You are a relentless exhibitionist. It's important for you to let everyone know when you've entered the room. Thankfully, you have the charming voice and flashy attire to make it worth everyone's while. However, you hold a dark secret beneath all that glitter and glam. Those who are familiar with you know to keep their distance.'

Hee. Flashy attire. Obviously this is not referring to my usual daytime outfit, the lovely and flattering tshirt-with-sweats ensemble, which this season is charmingly accompanied by cat fur.

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