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2002-02-11 - 3:00 p.m.

My cat has it so easy. For instance, she has no idea that today is Monday, the day that sucks like an Electrolux, the day when every other productive human being on the planet trots off to work while I sit around with my sorry-ass unemployed self, the day that offers 4 more days in a row A day that inevitably includes tackling that big horking pile of laundry I've studiously ignored all weekend. A day that is still shaking off the vestiges of Sunday evening, the dreariest time period imaginable despite the fact that it is possible to watch 3 episodes of The Simpsons. Monday: the day that doesn't even offer a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a slutty TV show like Survivor.

Bah. Mondays.

For the cat, there is no Monday (sadly, no Friday at 5 PM either) - every day is a Memento melange of sleeping on the couch, power-shedding, and acting huffy when petted. She does have a morning schedule, though. Something like:

5 AM: Clean butt vigorously with tongue. Drink out of owners' water glasses and laugh to self when they drink out of them later.

6:30 AM: Alarm! Alarm! FOOD! Yowl loudly at Male Owner, leap off bed.

6:31 AM: Male Owner groggily resets alarm and crawls back under the covers. Leap back on bed, make impatient "hruff!" sounds to show displeasure. Become possessed with the need to dig claws in bedding.

7:00 AM: Alarm! Again! Make noises like tail has been cut off, because have not had food for HOURS now.

7:01 AM: Inhale food.

7:05 AM: Wait expectantly outside bathroom door for Male Owner to emerge from shower. Attempt to trip Male Owner while he gets paper.

7:15 AM: Press cold, damp nose in middle of Male Owner's back while he eats breakfast.

7:30 AM: Return to bed. Coma.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


ARTIFACT: Here is my library receipt from yesterday. 2 collections of short stories, 3 novels, one big comic book, and a book on entertaining. Oh, and I had to pay thirty-freaking-three bucks in late fines. I suck, royally.

About the book on entertaining - I have never "entertained", unless you count "Hey, do you want a beer or something?" as being a hostess. I just love reading about how I would do it if 1) I were so goshdarn creative I'd enjoy throwing little theme parties that required me to spend hours ahead of time crafting the décor with a hot glue gun not to mention cooking the ferchristsakes meal, and 2) I knew what the heck foie gras is.

One of the short story collections, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, is by Raymond Carver. What an incredible writer. He's so sparse and effective. It's like each word has been trimmed of any fat - then laid on the page, just so.

The other is by Dorothy Parker, whom I dearly wish I could go back in time and have a drink with. "How's tricks, Dot?" I'd ask, and she would recap her day and the people she saw in this wicked, biting manner that would be totally hilarious and I would crap myself laughing.


I know this entry is kinda on the lame side (DOY). But it's Moooonnday. Here, this is infinitely more entertaining.

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