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2002-02-07 - 12:09 p.m.

Last night JB and I were sitting together on the couch. He stretched out with his head on my lap. Everything was all cozy. Aww. Then he said, "Who would you say is the most beautiful person you have ever personally known? Be honest."

Well, I gave it a lot of thought. What I decided was that although I have known lots of people who might be classified as cute, gamine, sexy, winsome, buff, intriguing, sultry, and basically attractive, I couldn't think of someone who I would call beautiful. Maybe because the word beautiful makes me think of magazine covers and not real people.

So it turns out the other night I had been talking in my sleep, and one of the things JB heard was "You're SO beautiful. You're so fucking beautiful". C'est weird, no? I wish I could remember that dream. With its feminine, airbrushed connotations perhaps I was complimenting Naomi Campbell. (Jeez, I hope I would never actually be that sycophantic. I hope I'd be all "Naomi. 'Sup.")

But you know how dreams are. I was probably crooning to a turnip or something, after being naked in front of strangers, right before falling.

I also wish I could go back and freak JB out. With his little 'innocent' probing. I would have said "Oh, your boss. I know most people might not think so…but MMMMM."

I got him good last night. We were laying in bed, just bullshitting, and I reached over for some Vaseline (for my LIPS, ok? It keeps them from getting chapped. GOD). I fixed a very serious look on my face, and said solemnly "JB, I really think I'm starting to lose my mind." And he looked kind of worried and said "What? Why?". Then I rounded my eyes, and held up the Vaseline with a trembling hand.

"Because today I ate some of this." Pause, deep breath. "With a spoon."

Oh god, it was great. He fell for it totally and just stared at the Vaseline jar, unable to respond. The moment only lasted a few seconds or so before I completely exploded laughing, but it was sweet.

Whew, good times.


I have this annoying cough, a leftover from the icky cold I had last week. I feel fine, but occasionally sound like a refugee from the TB clinic. In fact, I sound just like the sort of person that I LOATH sitting near on a bus. I am totally intolerant of icky sounding coughs on a bus, my skin prickles and I send Hate Rays to the person, hoping to communicate via body language that they should take their leper ass back to the colony on Molokai and stay away from us normal people.

I also have this throat-clearing thing which I'm sure must be driving JB up the wall. It sounds like Ha-RUM, in this EF Hutton manner, as if I am about to give an impassioned speech of some kind. Lucky for me this is only temporary. I used to work with a guy who had a throat thing that was sort of nervous tic. It was really more of a snorting-clearing thing, all in one disgusting sounding SNRK. I figured it was a nervous habit because he'd do it during his sales calls: "Hi, Bob? Just wanted to catch up and see how we're doing on the SNRKKK! contract."

All right. I've got some Vaseline to eat now.

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