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2002-02-06 - 2:27 p.m.

This morning I blew my nose really hard and there was this weird sensation in the corner of my eye and I thought, 'Hey, if I did that underwater would I blow bubbles?"

That's the kind of action-packed morning I had.

Today I'm waiting for the plumber to come - not because the toilet is plugged up (thankgod), but because the pipe below our kitchen sink is leaking. Have I bitched lately about how we don't have a dishwasher? Well, we don't. So, until the sink gets fixed the dishes are piling up. I guess I could do them in the tub or something but that just seems really gross.

I was a little reluctant to call the plumber. I used to work at a Kinko's, O Lo Many Years Past, and I ran this big monster machine called the DocuTech. And if the DocuTech went tits up, you had to phone a Xerox repairman, who worked on call and were usually in the middle of dinner with their family when it broke. The first time I called, a really grouchy older guy (who probably hated all Kinko's clerks and rightfully so) showed up, opened the machine, immediately pulled out a piece of paper that had jammed it, shot me a look of pure disgust and walked out the door. And forever after when I called, I always got the same guy who would say "Are you SURE it's broken? POSITIVE? Did you look for PAPER?"

Anyway it made me all squirrely about calling the damn thing in, and I actually got pretty good at fixing it myself. I kind of feel the same way about the sink, like the plumber is gonna show up and do something insanely obvious, then berate me for having caused him to miss his baby's first steps or something.

Kinko's. What a fab job that was. "Oh look, I got a raise! $7.25 an hour!" Not that we deserved better - we were always doing shit wrong there, especially with the lamination machine. Once a lady gave me her sonogram to laminate. Well, apparently that kind of paper is heat sensitive - the laminating machine turned it completely black. Another time I laminated someone's super rare map of Europe, only to watch helplessly as a huge fly got sucked into the machine and was forever encased in plastic, right on top of France.

My comeuppance for being such a crappy worker is that now whenever I need something from a Kinko's, I always get the clerk who is so stupid, they look like they apparently suffered recent shock treatment therapy. "I need a passport photo, please." "UNNNNNHHH?" "Passport photo." "GAAAAAANNNNH."


So I'm doing a new design for this journal. It's driving me batshit. I know just enough HTML to wing it using an editing program, and whenever something goes wrong I get all confused and frustrated and stare at the code for hours scratching my head and breathing through my mouth (if you want to help me figure out this REALLY ANNOYING javascript problem shoot me an email).

I got all Big Spender and opted for the 'gold' membership. Oh yeahhh.

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