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2002-02-05 -

Piehole. The word of the day is piehole, as in Please, Would You Be So Kind As To Shut Your. Ever feel like saying that…during a job interview?

I got a recruiter call yesterday from a company I halfheartedly applied at a while back. They don't interest me that much; let's just say they're the website you would go to if you wanted to see what your pals from high school/college were up to lately. Myeh. Anyway, the job I applied for was really not in line with my experience, so I was totally surprised to hear from them. Then it became clear I was on the phone with a very odd recruiter indeed, who blasted away with a series of increasingly unclear questions until I felt like I was falling down some kind of horrible Interview Rabbit Hole.

It's all kind of a blur now but one 'question' was "Tell me your approach to process". Another was "Explain the different definitions the word requirements mean to you." There were lots more like that - it was like he was constantly forgetting an important part of his sentences that would make them actually relevant. Like 'process… of completing a marketing project on time," etc.

Once he said, with a strange urgency in his tone, "Tell me what you would do if you had a project that, for various reasons such as lack of resources or time, was doomed from the start but it was expected that you would complete it successfully". I felt like saying "Oh, Pooky, did that happen to youuuu? Do you need nurturing?"

Towards the end of the conversation, I asked him to describe the position and how it related to the rest of the company. And he blathered on and on and on and on (I just know he's the type of guy to get those white foam spitballs in the corners of his mouth) and at one point said "This position really has nothing to do with marketing" - despite the word Marketing in the title, of course.

And so I was like "Hey! How about you shut your freakin piehole and call someone whose resume doesn't have MARKETING all over the damn thing. And by the way your interview style really sucks pimiento loaf."

No, I didn't really. Damn, I wanted to. I chirped out the best responses I could. I was all exhausted afterwards, I felt like I verbally crossed mountains and minefields, or had just suffered an hourlong conversation with a chatty 3 year old.


You know that Levis commercial that was shown during the SuperBowl - the one with the guy wearing the wifebeater and his legs are all crazy and they're playing that music, Bah di di di DAH…da di Bah di di DAHH..? That song is

But what's interesting is that I also heard that song in Amores Perros (rent it today!), and it did NOT get stuck in my head. So it's somehow more musically permeating in commercial form. At least it's not a Britney Spears Pepsi song. Because then I would have to drill a hole in my skull to let the bad spirits out.


I am all flushed and tingly. Some folks who ROCK left me some nice notes and I think that ROCKS. How much does it ROCK? SO much.


Glitter mittens, dog poop, Krispy Kreme, birth control sugar pills, and more! Read Peachy Keen, cause she totally rocks too.

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