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2002-02-04 - 11:38 a.m.

I didn't post an entry yesterday. I suck. I mean, here I've been telling myself I would post at least one diary entry every single day, and they would be all snarky and droll and occasionally Very Serious, and they would be possibly entertaining to others while simultaneously providing deep insights into my own character thus allowing me to blossom and ultimately evolve, perhaps finally shedding that pesky prehensile tail.

Of course, I've been writing about cat dooks, mainly.

But anyway, I have an excuse for not writing yesterday. There I was, just chilling out in the old homestead, doing some crunches (uhhh websurfing), when the buzzer rang. A gruff voice barked "FEDEX" when I answered. While making my way down to the front door I thought FedEx? On a Sunday? And why'd he sound all gruff? I had just decided that the poor fellow was probably bummed to be working on SuperBowl Sunday when I saw who it was. Why, it was my very own husband JB, home three days early from China!

So there was ooh-so-glad-to-see-you-ing, and SuperBowl-commercial-watching, and nice-weather-enjoying, and big-elaborate-dinner-making-and-eating, and then big-dinner-digesting, which all left me too lazy to write anything.

Yeah, I still suck.

It's funny how something totally unexpected can short circuit your neurons. There JB stood at the door, and my brain, which had already inserted a grouchy looking FedEx guy into the picture, was like: FILE NOT FOUND. CANNOT PARSE CURRENT DATA. And then I had this weird guilty sort of flash - I thought, is there a big mess in my living room consisting of Chubby Hubby ice cream containers, empty Bombay Sapphire gin bottles, a donkey, 15 young Latino men, and a kiddie pool filled with lime jello?

I mean, there totally was not, but just for a second there I had to think about it.

So today it's super beautiful outside. Which in the Northwest, in the wintertime, means "It is not, at the moment, raining". When we were living in Las Vegas for a year, I missed the grateful attitude about winter sun. There, you simply don your shades for the 345th day in a row and grow another wrinkle. Here, you go "Hey, it's LIGHT GREY outside! Get the Frisbee!".

It's nice enough to go for a good long jog along the waterfront, burning lots of calories and building up vats of muscle and endurance. Which I am so going to do. After I do some stuff online. Yeah.

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